Top 5 Most Viewed Posts of 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had a great holiday. I feel like it has been a busy few weeks…or maybe it just feels that way because kids are out of school so the noise level has gone up a bit.  Anywho, to celebrate a new year I thought I’d go back and see what were my most visited posts from 2013. Also, I just like making Top 5 lists.

The top 5 most viewed posts of 2013 are….

#5: Breast Implants – The Ugly Truths

All of the non glamorous parts of the surgery.

#4: Star Kids Cafe – Pyeongtaek

A great Kid’s cafe close to Camp Humphreys

#3: Crock Pot Taco Soup

Totally easy and yummy taco soup recipe

#2: Gone Crunchy: DIY Laundry Soap

My attempt at being a crunchy mom with homemade laundry soap

and the most visited post of 2013 is….

#1: Pumpkin Brownies

2 ingredient pumpkin brownies. Just as easy but not as tasty as the muffins.

So that’s it! My most viewed posts of 2013. I wonder what 2014 will bring to my little blog.

High Five for Friday!

Friday again already! I’d say we’ve been busy busy so far during winter break but the kids and I just spent 2 days shut in the house. I did get Christmas packed away though. We still have three weeks before movers come but I’m sure I still wont be ready for them.

So, here’s some bits from our week…

High Five For Friday!

  1. Snow Day! Friday snow day. You already know about that…but yay for no school!
  2. Best Secret Santa derby gift ever. Love it!
  3. DC (Devil Cat) has been especially lovey with me lately. I think we’re friends now…
  4. Christmas fun! Everything ripped open and everyone playing with new toys
  5. New Rules ABS! We did workout 1 today and it was fun! Short-ish and new. Inverted rows are my new faves.

Tomorrow is Saturday again which means another week of Project 365 photos. It also means I need to go to the grocery store because with school out my days are messed up and I didn’t go today. Boo! It also means maybe I can leave kids here while I go since it’s the weekend and they have a dad…sounds like a plan to me!




High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe we’re already halfway through December? Insane. I really should start putting together my Year in Photos post. For now I’ll just give y’all a week in photos.

High Five for Friday!

1. Dinner and Sons of Anarchy with my derby wife. This is what we do when husbands aren’t around for dinner.

2. Shopping for our ‘can’t leave Korea without a piece of furniture’ piece. We chose the white antique-y looking bar. I think it will go with a lot in our Alabama home.

3. SNOW. Ok, not a high because this was after I drove in dumping bury my car while I’m driving snow to pick up L from school…but once we were home I really liked watching it fall from inside my warm house.

4. Thomas mentioned having an ugly Christmas sweater thing to go to. I made a px run and between random bits I found there and some iron on vinyl (and some battery powered lights that weren’t yet installed) and this is what he left with. I think I need one too without all the bits glued onto it.

5. Between holidays and sickness and life my gym buddies and I haven’t been doing the NROL for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been taking the off time to really catch up (can you even ‘catch up’?) on some cardio that I NEVER do. It’s been kinda nice to be disgusting sweaty when I leave the gym.

Tomorrow we are driving up to Seoul for a military ball. I’m not sure how this will all go since it’s FREEZING and my dress is not. warm. at all. Hopefully our outside time is super short. I don’t even want to be outside bundled up. Since it’s mostly a different group of people I’m totally wearing the same dress I wore in May and since I only took one real picture of myself it will seem all new and shiny when I hopefully actually get pictures of us this time.

High Five for Friday!

I’m back! Skipping last Friday has me thrown off. I can’t remember what happened this week or last…but I spose it doesn’t matter. Here’s some stuff that happened at some point 🙂

high five for friday

1. Spooky Hallow. Kids dancing with skeletons.

2. Picture day! We were practicing smiles before school. She has big teeth and bangs this year. Big difference!

3. The leaves are changing. I love fall. The perfectness between summer and winter. Growing up in souther AZ makes me appreciate living somewhere with changing colors.

4. Zillow! I’m addicted. We’ve been house hunting for a place to rent for a couple months now…even though its way too early. I can’t stop window shopping.

5. Timmy fit. Not a high but since he jerked out at the gym while Mute and I were trying to skate we ended up going to Slam’s house to clean skates. THAT is the high! It really needed to be done.

Also this week…

We had a conference with L’s teacher yesterday. It was supposed to be today but for some reason I wrote it down on the calendar as Thursday :/ Thankfully the family there let us squeeze in so we were able to get it done while we were all there. Yay!

The kids and I went to Lotte Mart with Mute. They were kind of beasts but I got the best new coffee cups and a salad spinner. Shopping success!

Tonight I *think* we are going to the Lantern Festival in Seoul. I hope it’s not too cold. I don’t like cold.

TOMORROW I will be posting week 1 of my 365 photo project. Remember you can keep up to date with the pictures on Flickr HERE. Or just keep it a surprise until Saturday 🙂

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