Thinking Halloween

It’s October 2. That means we only have 29 days to figure out costumes. I’m not sure if Thomo and I will dress up this year since the only thing we have going on is taking the kids out to trick or treat. But hey, AMERICA! It’s exciting to be able to walk around actual neighborhoods this year and not through the housing apartment buildings on post.

Back to costumes…the kids know exactly what they want to be. For now anyway. I’m going to get on it and get these costumes before they can change their minds at the last moment.

Layla wants to be an enderman (from Minecraft)… I’ve been pinteresting and have found some fun/easy options for her.



Timmy says he wants to be Green Lantern. I don’t think he knew who he was other than the action figure he has. I did get him watching the Green Lantern cartoon on Netflix though so at least he knows a little more and still wants to be him this year. And as much as I’d like to get crafty with this Im thinking I’ll just end up ordering something again. Like this…



And because I love Halloween, we’re going to do a look back through past costumes.

Batman and Harley Quinn


Spiderman and a cat/ballerina…thing. And our friends Ariel and Flounder.


Dorothy and Max


And another cat/fairy thing and a dinosaur.


And of course we can’t leave out the year T and I went as ninja turtles.¬†

Ninja turtle costume

And Sheldon and Amy

sheldon and amy costume

And my all time favorite… Britney Spears…which was a lot more relevant in 2006.

And I still have that fake belly. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

Britney Spears costume

Bazinga! Becoming Sheldon and Amy.

This year I wanted to do some kind of couples costume again with Thomas. We were Ninja Turtles last year. The kids are both being Batman characters this year so I thought maybe we could continue with the theme but there really wasn’t anything from that I wanted to do. After devouring the Hunger Games books (and now making Thomas read them himself) I thought about Peeta and Katniss. My hair is too short to braid though so I got angry. Also, I doubt he’d want to wear his Peeta costume to the whiskey club meeting. Not cool enough.

And then Pinterest came through for me again. I found the answer. Big Bang Theory! We would be Sheldon and Amy. DONE.

It was actually pretty easy. Thomo already had the baseball tee to wear under it as well as the pants and brown shoes. I ordered a Flash tshirt on Amazon for less than $20. Last minute though (like the night before we were to wear the costumes) a friend brought up Hulk hands and how I should have bought some. DUH. I just saw some at Osan’s exchange and tried to get Timmy to buy them. He said no. Now we were going to high tail it over there and get some Hulk hands.

And now for me. Amy Farrah Fowler. First, I just love Big Bang Theory because aside from Penny everyone pretty much wears the same thing in every episode just a different color/pattern. Too easy. Amy’s usual outfit consists of a tshirt, button up collared shirt, and buttoned up cardigan sweater with a knee length skirt and tights. Hair straight with one of those snappy hair clips holding bangs back, and glasses! I had most of it already. I did have to order the skirt from Amazon and found the button up shirt at the thrift store. I did end up getting a striped sweater from the clearance rack even though I had a brown one because it was too cute. Also, thankfully I have friends that offered (or at least agreed when I begged) to flat iron my hair for me. I hate doing it. And of course…she needed her tiara!
Hulk sad…
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