Places to Go: Korea

I’ve spent a ton of time since we have been here on Google trying to find real information on places here in Korea.  A lot of times I will find a blog with a picture but no real info or directions or really anything helpful. I have also noticed a few random searches bringing people […]

Korea Bucket List

Some things I would love to see and do in Korea:   Namdaemun or Dongdaemun Lotte World  – DONE Boryeong Mud Festival Love locks on Namsan Tower in Seoul Korean Baseball game Lantern Festival Ride KTX train Upo Marsh Uleung Island Seaside Road Seomjin River Train Village Goyang Flower Festival Hwaseong Fortress Korean Folk Village […]

Korea Photo Dump

We’ve made it in one piece! Woo! And I have a lot of pictures to share from our trip. And a lot from before we left that I want to share before they get lost forever. So here we go. The day before we left: Melissa’s neighbor’s horses hanging out behind her back fence. Layla […]

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