It’s Beginning to Look a Tiny Bit Like Christmas

I couldn’t wait. I’m over pumpkins and orange and leaves and fall. Maybe because it has been so warm so far this “fall”. I’m ready to bust out Christmas. Layla and I (with the help of T getting a tub out) got the Christmas tubs out of the buggy shed. I’ve been slowly packing away fall for the last week and am ready to move on…almost. I feel bad since it hasn’t been Thanksgiving yet so I have a couple things out still.

21Nov10 006

Stockings, Pumpkin, Teepee

21Nov10 005

We dug out the little stuff

21Nov10 002

And even made a new craft this year

21Nov10 001

21Nov10 007

Just changed out the little things. Pumpkins for Snowmen. Orange for White.

21Nov10 008

Still have the village buildings to put out and we’re saving the tree for next weekend.

And laundry in the kitchen.

21Nov10 009

Not folded.

Now moving on…Have I ever mentioned how Timmy is Trouble?

He is always going.

If you have newspaper or anything with buttons you better watch out

21Nov10 010

Or a wagging tail

21Nov10 011

Or anything on a table. Too bad this time his legs were just THAT much too far under the table when he tried to pull himself up. 2 seconds after this picture his hands slipped and he landed flat on his back.

21Nov10 012

He’s a mess. Check out those matching bruises on his forehead from two totally separate crashes.

21Nov10 004

He is ALL boy. Layla never was this…rough? Clumsy? Boyish??

He’s fun though.

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