One Yard Wonders

Have y’all heard of this book? I’ve been looking at it forever but haven’t actually taken the plunge to buy it for myself.

My Korea BFF has it! She let me borrow it. I’ve been feeling super motivated to actually sew something now. I haven’t in a long while.

I’m super lazy like that.

Anywho, I borrowed her book and now my other BFF Michelley Welly and I are planning to sew some projects together. Even though she’s in TX.


We are starting out super easy peasy with the sewing machine cover. Sort of jogging my sewing memory.



Right now my machine is just at the back of my desk where I do bloggy stuff and lots of vinyl stuff. Not much sewing going on there.

It’s a little dusty.


Now we have our project! I need to choose a fabric.


Do I bust into my chevron stash that I bought and never touched?


Do I try to coordinate with the little storage bag I have on my other desk?

Not sure if I have a full yard of it. We’ll see.


Or maybe these super cute bicycles that I luuuurve and don’t have a use for??

I just don’t know.


And then there’s this. Bleh.


NO idea.

Crayon Roll Non-Tutorial.

Today I made a test roll. I had an idea of hanging out crayon rolls as party favors but wanted to see how hard/time consuming they were before I committed to making a boat load of them for a bunch of kids.

I thought of posting a tutorial here but instead decided to just post my step by step pictures and a LINK to the tutorial I followed at Chocolate on my Cranium.

She did a good job at explaining and showing everything and hers turned out nice so just go there to do your learning. I’ll just be posting about my experience making it for the first time.

First I didn’t have any interfacing so I just used a thick canvasy fabric for the layer that called for it and it worked out fine and took the step of ironing it on out of my roll.

I LOVE that each piece is the same size so you really only need to measure once then use that piece as a template. OR you could even get a thick piece of paper cut to that size and have it for future rolls. Super easy.

Step 1

I can’t cut straight. At all. My big measuring thingy is cardboard. I need a fancy cutting mat to use my rotary cutter with. But this was the ‘demo’ so I didn’t really care about how perfect it was.

Here is the inside fabric (where you would use the interfacing) and the pocket which is folded in half, wrong sides together, and pressed.

Step 2

Since I can’t cut straight and didn’t have a ruler near me it made it a tiny bit harder to measure and mark every 3/4 inch. But I did it well enough. Next time with a little more effort it would turn out awesome.

Here is the pocket sewn on starting 1 1/4″ from the side and then every 3/4 inch after that making 15 lines. And my 24″ ribbon folded and sewn to the side.

Step 3

My lines weren’t so even after they were sewn in and one crayon had an issue getting shoved in. And some crayons had lots of extra room!

Here is the outside fabric laid on top of what was the last picture and sewn around 1/4″ from the edge. I left a couple inches open to flip it all around. If I was smart it would NOT have been on the end of a side leaving me at a corner and it would have been on the non-ribbon end that gets rolled up so you can’t see if there is any difference in it after it’s all flipped and sewn shut. Next time…

Step 4

After flipping it and pressing it all flat sew around the entire edge closing your hole and holding it all together. I didn’t take my time poking the corners out enough and kind of rushed through the edge sewing so it’s not straight either (that is becoming a theme with this roll…)

Step 5

Voila! All filled. You can see all of my non pushed out corners except for the one I left open and had to sew closed. And it did get all bunchy when I sewed it. Totally not as nice and pro as the real tutorial looked but it works! L loves it and I think, with a little more knowledge and patience, it will be a super fun party favor!

Step 6

All rolled up and ready to go.

And Roll!

Too bad she lost it already.


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