Cold Brew Coffee

Hey everyone! I recently received an Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Bag from to try out and share what I thought with all of you. All opinions on this product are my own. While I was trying to decide what to use it for first Alabama decided it was done with fall and has scheduled a week of temps in the high 80s. That pretty much means no more lazy afternoons with sweaters and pumpkin flavored coffee. It means ICED coffee! I’ve made cold brew coffee so many times and the hardest part has always been the straining. I’ve tried coffee filters, strainers and paper towels, and cheese cloth. The cheese cloth was the best option until this bag came into my life. It couldn’t have made the process any easier!

Cold brew coffee


First, get a large container with lid. It should hold about 2qts of water. Grab your bag of ground dark roast coffee and dump it in and then add about 10ish cups of water. Stir it up, pop the lid on, and let it sit for about 12 hours. I did this in the afternoon and let it sit over night so it definitely brewed longer than 12 hours.

cold brew coffee


After your coffee has plenty of time to sit all locked up in the container it’s time to strain it all out. This is where the bag comes in. Plop that bad boy in a large pitcher. This one is 1 gallon. And ignore the Sweet Tea part. This is ALL COFFEE.

nut milk bag


Next, dump your coffee into the bag. Preferably not while trying to take a picture. I spilled a bit…

cold brew coffee

cold brew coffee


Now, lift out your bag, put down your camera, and wring out the bag as well as you can to get all the liquid out.

cold brew coffee


After this step I dumped the coffee grounds in the trash, flipped the bag inside out and rinsed it well. Once it was rinsed I flipped it right again and put it in a smaller pitcher and poured it all through one more time. When you’re totally done straining rinse the bag out well and let it dry.

This recipe made enough to fill a 2 quart pitcher. But please note…this is very concentrated! Perfect for me since I fill my glass with ice, half coffee, and half milk (and some stevia). If you just want the iced coffee without milk or any other girly additives then you might want to dilute it down with some cold water.

I made some for T with just ice and this coffee. He made the omg it’s too strong the ice needs to melt face. I obviously forgot the point of this recipe was so *I* could add all my goodness for *me*. Oops.

cold brew coffee


My glass was much better. ICE, half milk, have coffee concentrate, 2 packs stevia. BOOM. You could add a tiny bit of flavored syrups too if you want to get crazy

best iced coffee


So there you have it! Cold brew coffee using the Ellie’s Best Nut Milk Bag. You can buy it HERE on Amazon and it’s super cheap. So worth it.

coffee concentrate

**I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mug Swap Update – Buddy Time!

Hey everyone! Did you sign up for this year’s GMC Mug Swap?

I sure hope you did because sign ups are now closed. And guess what else…everyone has a buddy!

GMC Mug swap


If you did sign up check your email! I’ve sent out all the info. You should get your buddy’s mailing address/email address and the list of questions answered with info about them. Use the answers if you want to find something personal for your swap buddy or just go out and find something pretty. Everyone likes pretty things!

If anything comes up and for some reason you can not send out your mug please let me know ASAP so I can make other arrangements. I want to make sure everyone gets their mug this year.

I would love it if y’all could get your mugs sent out by September 30. That gives you two weeks to shop and hit the post office…or go online and order a mug for your buddy.

Once you DO get your mug (which everyone will get one, yes??) please take a picture and blog about it or Instagram it or Tweet it or Facebook it…just please tag me (@girlmeetscamera) so I can see what everyone got! Also, use the hashtag #GMCmugswap14 to keep everyone in the loop and show off our stuff!

I’m really excited to see what y’all get!



Tales from the Phone

Time again for another phone /Insta-dump. These photos may be from Instagram or maybe I haven’t shared them yet. Either way, here ya go.

Revo got a bath. He’s been super chewy and itchy for the last few weeks. He stopped for a while so we thought it was stress from moving and us on vacation but then he started up again. Hoping a bath would help. We (Thomas) ended up finding a pretty large lump at the base of his tail so we got him into the vet yesterday to check him out. More on that later…

dog bath

In other pet news, Lucille is doing great. She’s seriously happy in her new home. Also, it seems that while I can’t keep potted plants alive to save my life I can definitely grow some stuff in turtle enclosures. Maybe it’s the composty worm filled soil. Turns out Lucy doesn’t like the red worms that are around here so much. I dont blame her…they’re crazy jerky and flippy. Anywho, now there are just tubs of them loose in her home.

eastern box turtle

I went to Publix yesterday for some stuff and things (I love you Publix) and found this when I went to load the car up…oops. Forgot that Kassie and I swiped some pallets from the side of the road the other day. One didn’t fit in her car so I took it. I obviously don’t use the back of the Hoe enough because that was last week and I forgot it was there.


Speaking of Publix. Guess what was on sale?? I could live on these little iced Via packets. And the chai. Yummo.

Starbucks VIA

It was looking pretty stormy in the afternoon. It was far enough out from school pick up that I didn’t know if I should drive or walk. Would the storm get here before we could get home? If I drive to get Layla (the whole 2 blocks away) we have to leave ridiculous early to get a parking spot. So we did. 45 minutes sitting in the up front spot waiting for school to get out when it takes 5 minutes to walk…but thankfully we drove because about 1 minutes after getting in the car the sky opened and it was dumping rain. Lots of it.

Oh hey. Ya know how I’ve been growing my hair out for what seems like about 30 years now (maybe it’s been one year. Ish. 1 is the new 30)…well I can finally side braid it. I dunno why the side braid was my main goal…the whole reason I needed long hair again. Well boom. I did it.

Oh, we went to the dentist last week. Timmy’s first time. He rocked it like Elton John.

Starting to feel like Layla doesn’t exist. I promise she does…she’s just always at school. See? Writer’s lunch. This is her third time getting it in the 3ish years she has gone to that school (half of 1st grade, half of 3rd, and now into 4th). PS – I think its time for a bang trim…

That’s all for now. I’ll have more on Revo’s butt bump and some weekly thrift finds soon.

Until then…don’t forget to sign up for the GMC 2014 Mug Swap! I’m excited by how many of y’all are on board again this year and by all the new people joining us! Good stuff. Sign ups close this FRIDAY!

Read alllll about it HERE.

GMC MugSwap 2014

GMC Mug Swap – 2014

Ok y’all! It’s that time of year again. Time for the second ever Girl Meets Camera Mug Swap! I’m going to start out by saying I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go along with this again. A lot of people didn’t get mugs last year and that’s pretty lame. I know you always run the risk of not getting something in a swap but it was a LOT of you that didn’t get one. Pretty upsetting and discouraging.

But, some of you did get mugs and some of you DID have a fun time swapping. So lets do it again!

GMC MugSwap 2014

How It Works:

It’s pretty easy…sign up to swap, get matched with someone else, send out a mug, receive one for yourself! Easy peasy. I want this to be a fun experience so I need everyone to play along! This year though I will put you in pairs instead of randomly matching you to someone else and keeping it a surprise. You will know who is sending to you and will be sending to them as well.

1. Please please PLEASE promise to send out a mug if you sign up to swap. It’s no fun to send out a mug and not get anything in return. If you can’t do this, don’t sign up.

2. To sign up, fill out the questions below and email then to me along with your mailing address (girlmeetscam(at) no later than Friday, September 12! Sign ups will close to give me time to sort through and match you with a buddy.

3. You will be matched with a swap buddy and informed by email on Monday, September 15.

4. Go shopping! You can try to find something personal to your swap buddy, local to where you live, or just something off the wall fun. It’s up to you!

5. Send out your mug. Last year we tried to send mugs out in a week but this year lets give us 2 just to be safe. Life happens and sometimes shopping and the post office doesn’t. Please send your mugs out by September 30. If you are running late for whatever reason and need more time let me know so I can tell your buddy they do have one coming!

**Note: You can also just order online and have it shipped directly to your buddy if it is easier for you!**

6. When you receive your mug please take a picture! Whether you blog about it, tweet it, instagram it, or just email it…whatevs. Please tag me in it (@girlmeetscamera on IG and Twitter) or link me to your post. I’d love to write a final post with photos of everyone’s new mugs! Make sure you use #GMCmugswap14 so we can all check in and see the mugs!


Not required to participate but the more the merrier! Please share this post! Grab the button and blog about the swap or add it to your sidebar. Let your friends know about it, tell your family, pimp it out on the interwebs. I’d love to have as many swappers as we can get!


Please answer these questions in your email to sign up. Your answers will be forwarded on to your swap buddy.

1. Favorite colors:

2. Hobbies:

3. Things that make you happy:

4. Profession:

5. Coffee or Tea:


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