Of Birds and Stomach Bugs

Today is the first day of Christmas break. It is also day 3 of a nasty stomach bug that has invaded our house.

First Timmy, then me, now Layla.

NOT fun.

3 nights of no sleep. 3 days of cleaning up after people and living on the couch.I think we have watched each of the Toy Story movies about 46 times. It’s Timmy’s new obsession.

I have a lot of Christmas baking to do. These germs need to move on out so I can get it done. It may turn into after Christmas/New Years baking. We’ll see.

Before the germs hit…


It snowed again today. Just enough to cover the ground.

I don’t think it will stick around long but if it could just hang out for a couple days…some white on Christmas would be nice.

You know what would make snow 100 times better?


I miss Alabama birds.

There is a website I used in AL all the time while bird ‘hunting’ called Whatbird.com. Very helpful in figuring out all of the birds I was able to snap pictures of in the yard. I haven’t found anything comparable to use here…not that I’ve looked very hard.

For the most part I can tell you my yard is full of ugly brown birds aka finches. Or sparrows. Whatever. I had a ton in Alabama and I didn’t like them. They ate all of my bird seed that I put out for the prettier birds.

Anywho, I think I mentioned some chickadee looking birds. And now that Ive said I couldnt find a bird resource I found a site with a list of a million birds in Korea. The Chickadee/Titmouse section doesnt have one that looks like mine though. Who knows.


I also found this black/yellow/white/brown thing.


I need to get out more. There are some neat birds here just obviously not at my house.

3.5 days until Christmas.

And then only one more in Korea.

I’m working on my 2012 in Photos post. I’ll have it up next week.

December Randoms.

I think the snow is almost gone. Finally. We did buy a sled though and I was pretty excited about it but we haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I’m sure it will snow again soon enough when I least want it to. Korea’s good like that.

I caved in and turned on the heat last week. Was it just last week? It’s 18 in the house right now. That’s TOASTY! I think I might even turn some rooms down a bit.

Timmy and I went to a craft thing at the CDC the other day. He made some hand print reindeer and I made a snowman. Maybe I will take pictures of them to share.

I still haven’t shared our trip to Everland. I will. Eventually.

Potty training. I’m goin for it. Again. Timmy will not turn 3 wearing diapers. I bought our ‘last box’ of diapers.

14Dec12 001

If we are home he wont be wearing them though. Just at night, nap time (if that even happens), and if we go somewhere.

We cleaned bedrooms during the snow days. And they are still clean! It’s amazing!

14Dec12 005

I noticed a gazillion ugly little brown birds outside when it snowed. So I put out some seed.

14Dec12 009

14Dec12 010

They wont come when I’m looking but I did see a chickadee looking bird land next to it, look in the window, then fly away. It’s all scattered on the tray so I know SOMEONE is eating it.

Before tossing kids in bed last night I made them sit super still in front of the tree so I could try the whole pinteresty glowing lights thing.

14Dec12 021

It worked ok I guess. Im more focused on the fact the house seems to me sliding down a hill in this picture

14Dec12 022

10 days until Christmas. 9 now I suppose. I forgot to attempt the 12 days of Christmas photo project this year. I am however rocking at sticking to the December photo challenge on Instagram from I Heart Faces.

I’ll share that when I finish.

The Right & Wrong Way To Use A Bird Feeder

Right Way…
08April11 004
Wrong Way…
08April11 012
These dang squirrels just wont stay away
08April11 013
Really though…what can I do?
08April11 014
I want the bird feeders out the big window so I can see them. RIGHT next to the wall and right under the roof. A million ways for the squirrels to get to the food.
08April11 015
I guess they’re just a part of my life. There’s no keeping them out of the feeders unless I move them which I wont do. Oh well.
08April11 016
And just because he’s rotten…whats a post without a Timmy fit
08April11 007
08April11 008
08April11 009
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