January 21.

January 21, 2017.

Stormy day here in the south. We didn’t do much at all but stay inside and wait to see what would happen. I decided that a rainy day in was the best time to try out the fish cake pan I bought in Korea 3 years ago. Took some trial and error but we ended up with some good ones! This is just regular cake mix but I found a video with a more traditional recipe that includes sweet red beans that I will try next time.


January 17.

January 17, 2017.

Last summer during our trip out to Arizona we were given a pot of different cactus to bring home with us. I was sure I’d kill them all. Im not too great with keeping plants alive. A month or so ago it was going to be cold over night so I moved the pots into the garage…and then forgot about them. No water, no sun… and look what I noticed. It’s trying to bloom! Such a pretty color too.

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