Project 365: Week 1

Project 365. 1 down, 51 to go! I’ve made it one week so far taking daily pictures…lets hope I keep it up. Here is our last week in photos:

Day 1: Lets DO this!

Day 2: Layla’s bedroom clean out torture.

Day 3: Korean Frying. Best delivery ever. I will miss this most about Korea.

Day 4: Tiny little baby van on the drive home.

Day 5: Tracking my quinoa chili dinner on My Fitness Pal

Day 6: Afternoon coffee.

Day 7: Best mugs ever from Lotte Mart. If only they had Hulk…

Day 8: Seoul Lantern Festival 2013. Crossed off my to do list!

Getting Organized

I know that blog title is misleading a bit…I’m not really super organized and this post isn’t about any great organizing tips or magic I’ve done. It just seems fitting for my attempt and getting my photos in order. Today is Nov. 2 here in Korea which means day 2 of the new 365 photo project. Today I’m trying to get everything where it needs to be between blog links and Flickr sets and computer folders. Hopefully if everything is laid out and easy for me I can stick with this better than previous tries. I did complete a 365 in Hawaii but it was on Myspace and I can’t find it now. Boo! I attempted another one in 2010 before I realized Timmy was going to come early and put my photo taking/blog posting on hold. I tried again with the 365 Spurred project where there were daily prompts to take photos of. I did even worse at that one!

You can check out all 39 pictures I got through here: 2010 Project 365.

And check out the 18 photos I got for 365 Spurred here: Project 365 Spurred

Oh, and don’t forget my failed 52 Weeks of Self Portraits: 52 Weeks of fail.

Obviously prompts are far too much pressure for me so back to regular ol’ just take a picture a day for me.

I think I mentioned before that I plan to post a week of photos every weekend. I am planning to get the day’s photo up to a new Flickr set when I can. You can follow that here: 2013-2014 Project 365.

I’ve also put a tab at the top of the blog for 365. Each week I should be linking up to the weeks posts so there is easy access to them all.

And that’s that. I promise to find something else to blog about soon. I totally skipped my High Five for Friday post this week. Between Halloween and Spooky Hallow (aka more trick or treating on post event) and no school I totally spaced out that it was even Friday. Oh well, next week.

For now here is a picture of DC. That’s Bob’s new nickname. It stands for Devil Cat.

And this one from last night at Spooky Hallow.


Hey y’all, do you see whats over there on my sidebar? Another 365 project button. Click it Up a Notch is starting a new Project 365 with a link up for other bloggers to share theirs as well. I think…I KNOW I want to do it again. I finished one in 2007/2008 and have been trying since then to finish some kind of photo project again. I can’t even stick to a full 30 day Instagram challenge and what is easier than taking phone pictures?!

So here I am again. Committing myself to another year of daily photos. I will just be sharing them on this blog instead of starting anything new. I will also probably be taking daily pictures but sharing them all on one day a week. I feel like a recap of the weeks photos will be easier to maintain than trying to get on here every day to get my picture posted. And that way my week is open to other posts and not overwhelmed by 365 pics. Sounds good to me…but can I keep it up? Only time will tell. I really really LOVED doing it the first time. I’m a little scared that with our big move in March that I will fall off the photo wagon but am also hoping that the weekly updates vs every day can make that easier on me and my laziness.

I’ll add a tab up top too so anyone interested can easily find the 365 posts. By the way, is there a way to make your tab/page on the top link directly to a page of search results? I’d really like to figure that out. Can life really be that easy?

So there it is. If anyone else wants to give it a go with me click on the Project 365 button above or on my sidebar to link up your own blog.

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