Hippity Hop Scotch

I just LOVE having my family all together again. Our trio is complete and its the best feeling in the world. Today Daddy made Laylers a hopscotch in the driveway and she is in love with it. Even though she just kind of skips back and forth down it I still think its cute and took about four million pictures of her.

Here is a nice little storyboard of the hopping. For the photos I used Pioneer Woman’s BOOST action. She’s awesome, folks. Seriously. Look for her under my Stalked list and check out her photos. She has a whole set of awesomely FREE actions as well. LOVE her!


The Expodisc

It really seems like my life revolves around pleasing Jill lately. Here is her request…before and after photos using the Expodisc. The photos were taken in full sun…no shade or crazy lighting situations. There may be a bigger difference when you use it in any other conditions but this is where I was and what I got out of it.

This is with my camera set to Auto WB.


And this is my preset WB using the Expodisc.


Can you see the difference? #2 is a bit warmer. Someday when I remember to play with it in the shade I will get up another before and after.

Easter Flowers

This year in the munchkin’s easter basket she got a lot of cute little kid sized pink gardening things along with some packs of flower seeds. We planted the seeds in the little tray everything came with and then had to replant them in a bigger flower box. Now theyre turning into a viney crawling climbing plant. I have no clue what seeds I bought. I thought there were flowers on the font of the pack! We’ll see what it turns into now…

For Jill

Jill needs inspiration and I need yet another thing to remember to update regularly 🙂 Im Megan. I live in Hawaii for the time being and am on my way to southern Alabama with my husband, Tom and our daughter, Layla. Or Laylers, Lola, Loola, Layla Loo, the list goes on. I like to call her Snot Face. Anyway…I have a camera and it has pretty much become a part of my body. So if you read this you get to see my random have no other place to post them pictures.

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