Project 365: Week 25

Yikes! This week flew by. Or do I say that every week? Between vacation, school stuff, derby…it felt busy. And now it’s Saturday! So here is week 25.

Day 170 – Biloxi. Saving random wedding getting ready photos for another post. So check this out.

The Tatonut Donut Shop in Ocean Springs. YUM.

week 25

Day 171 – Easter Sunday. Driving home.

Day 172 – Home for L’s Artemis presentation at school.

Day 173 – Starting the personal training journey. Chapter 1.

Day 174 – Yard day.

Day 175 – Thursday Derby night!

Day 176 – Best souvenir from my derby weekend.

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  • Julie DePascal

    awesome pictures!! L is so Beautiful!! Love T cutting the lawn on a riding mower!! ­čÖé And that tat is so cool!!