Holiday Gift Guide – Preschool Boys

I haven’t decided yet who is easier to shop for. Layla always gives me a very detailed list of things she ‘needs’ for Christmas. Makes shopping for her super easy. Timmy on the other hand loves everything. Which you think would be easy…anything with wheels works, right? I’m finding it much harder to shop for him though. I mean really, how many hot wheels does a little boy really need? He already has a billion of them. What else is there? I’ve had to really watch him lately to see what all he really does gravitate toward when we are out. These are a few of his favorite things…

Preschool Boy Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide

#1.  Play Doh. Timmy LOVES Play Doh! We got a box of stuff from a friend when her family moved. It’s one of his fave things to play with. He really likes using all of the tools and things to make different shapes.

#2. Imaginext. I’ve been drooling over this stuff since L was little but never took the plunge until Timmy. Actually, I still haven’t paid full price for any of it. He got the pirate ship from a friend last year and I found a lot of Batman stuff second hand. This is good stuff. It’s cute and chunky. Perfect for little hands to play with. That also means it’s sturdy and holds up well. And there are so many sets to choose from. Lots of Disney and Marvel and dinosaurs and pirates. So much.

#3.  Underwear. Because boys are gross and you’ll need a lot. Our favorites have Iron Man, Hulk, and Wolverine on them.

#4.  Hot Wheels or other diecast cars. Ok, I said he doesn’t need any more but really it’s a great ‘go to’ gift. I have a feeling there will be a few in his stocking again this year. We collected the Disney Cars diecast for a long time and now Timmy has moved on to Chuck the Truck. The .99 (which are now over $1! What!?) Hot Wheels are just as good.

#5. A new love this year is Disney Planes. We are a huge Cars family so it’s just natural that Planes is the next big thing. Timmy loves Dusty and points him out on every toy we see.

#6. Legos. I know the Duplo version are more little kid friendly but Layla has the real Legos and Timmy needs to have what she has. I tried getting little sets and keeping them separate. Works for L’s but Timmy’s have all been mixed together. A giant mixed Lego bucket sounds like a good idea.

#7. Trains. He LOVES trains! Thomas trains, wooden trains, any other trains he can find. We left our train table and tracks in AL storage because I figured he wouldnt really want them until he was 4 and we were back. I was wrong. This year has been a train loving year for Timmy and he keeps asking when we can go to AL and get his trains since I told him he has some waiting for him.

These suggestions are just some top things on our list. Some other items I’ve been eyeballing are books (we love Piggy and Elephant and Pigeon books. He’s also super into Clifford lately), puzzles, crayons and coloring books.

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  • Julie DePascal

    what great gift ideas!! If you lived in the states it would be easier for me!! I love and miss you all!!

  • Amanda Jillian

    Great list!