Holiday Gift Guide – Big Girls

I had a hard time figuring out which age group to lump Layla into…she’s not a little girl but not quite a tween (wasn’t there a Britney Spears song about this??) So lets call her a big girl. Or a pre-tween. But I hate the word ‘tween’.

  The Big Girl’s Gift Guide

Big Girls
She was much more specific with her list than Timmy was. Here is a general idea of some things she has asked for. Not sure if this is typical girl stuff but it’s a good idea for any girls you’re shopping for that aren’t into Monster High or Barbies or clothes/accessories.
Side note: The Mighty Girl website has great ideas. You should check that out too!
#1.  Skylanders. L has the Spyros Adventure game. She saved for so long to get it! We’ve been collecting the figures to go with it but since it’s the original game there are a lot that only work with the newer versions. I think she might need to upgrade for her birthday.
#2.  Fur Real Friends. These creepy little animals move and make realistic-ish noises. L is animal obsessed. These are big on her list.
#3. Littlest Pet Shop (aka Pet pets). She’s been a big fan for years. Again, anything animals is a hit with her. She wants a horse pet pet that is standing with all 4 feet on the ground. Told you her list was pretty specific.
#4. Ipod Touch. She already has one of these but she uses it ALL the time. She is really into Exploration which is like Minecraft but cheaper and all about the building. Not sure if there is actual game to it or not but she loves making 3D box-like creations of all of her toys. She’s pretty awesome.
#5.  Legos. She is more into the detailed sets than the giant tubs. She’s good at keeping them all separate too.
#6. Pokemon! She collects the cards and has also been asking for the Wii game. She brings home Pikachu portraits that she does in art class. She just loves all things Pokemon.
#7. The BIG item on her list this year that she is begging Santa for is the American Girl doll of the year for 2013, Saige. She really wants this doll. And her $95 horse…and the saddle and treat set that is sold separately.
Once again, books are a great idea even though they’re not on this list. She has a Kindle which makes it super easy to buy her books for instant download since everyone knows I’m an addict. Right now she’s reading the Lord of the Rings.
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  • Julie DePascal

    wow Lord of the rings!! I am impressed!! She sure has a big list!! I hope Santa brings her the things she really wants!!

  • Jenny Cichowski

    I love this list! …it looks very familiar! ;)
    And Lord of the Rings…you really do have a smarty on your hands! I’m thinking I need to start helping my girl pronounce the names from Greek Mythology and start her on the Percy Jackson books after she finishes Narnia! :)