Awesome Song Covers

Have you heard of Walk Off The Earth? You should. They’re on the radio. They’re also on YouTube which is where I first heard of them thanks to Thomas and is addiction to YouTube videos. They are pretty amazing. They do have original songs but their covers are pretty awesome too. Some of them I think are better than the originals. Here are my top 5 Walk Off The Earth covers…

#5. Someone Like You – Ok, I LOVE the original. This one isn’t better but just as nice in a different way.

#4.Royals – I could watch this over and over.

#3. Wrecking Ball – I do kinda (a lot) like the Miley version but she doesn’t give me goosebumps.

#2. Somebody That I Used to Know – Come on. 5 people on one guitar? This was the first WOTE song I heard and I love it.

#1. I Knew You Were Trouble – I heard this version before the original. When I finally heard the T Swift version on the radio I was pretty disappointed.

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  • Jennifer Dignazio

    Ahh I love that T Swift song you linked! And I agree- when I hear her sing it, I’m disappointed it’s not WOTE. ;) They’re awesome. And insanely talented!