Making Chalkboard Art with your Silhouette


Tuesday morning was a very productive morning for me. I had all of my chores on my chore chart checked off my 7:30am! I didn’t have to be anywhere until 9 so I thought I’d bust out a last minute craft because I had some free time. I’m not sure what made me want to try out the fancy chalkboard art I always see on Pinterest but I did and I made this….

I love it!

I decided I needed to make another one. Maybe something Halloweeny? And then I decided I’d let y’all follow me along on the process.

First, start out with the file you want to cut and make sure it is sized to fit your chalkboard.

To make my stencil I used my ghetto, not super permanent, name brand vinyl. You need to be able to pull it back up in the end.

Cut out your design just like I told you how to do HERE.

Now this part is backwards. Instead of pulling off (weeding) all of the outside parts to leave your main design like you would a sticker you want to do the opposite leave you a stencil of your design.

Now slap a big ol’ piece of contact paper over it and pull it all up.

Carefully line it up on your chalkboard and stick it down making sure to rub harder on any smaller separate bits.

Pull off the contact paper and start coloring in the design. This is the fun part unless you’re cheap like me and you buy Rose Art chalk that is junk and sucks.

Once the whole thing is colored in you can pull off the vinyl. This will be a lot easier if it isn’t super permanent adhesive.

And voila!

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  • Julie DePascal

    wow that is so cool!! I am amazed at what you can do with that machine!! ­čÖé