One Yard Wonders

Have y’all heard of this book? I’ve been looking at it forever but haven’t actually taken the plunge to buy it for myself.

My Korea BFF has it! She let me borrow it. I’ve been feeling super motivated to actually sew something now. I haven’t in a long while.

I’m super lazy like that.

Anywho, I borrowed her book and now my other BFF Michelley Welly and I are planning to sew some projects together. Even though she’s in TX.


We are starting out super easy peasy with the sewing machine cover. Sort of jogging my sewing memory.



Right now my machine is just at the back of my desk where I do bloggy stuff and lots of vinyl stuff. Not much sewing going on there.

It’s a little dusty.


Now we have our project! I need to choose a fabric.


Do I bust into my chevron stash that I bought and never touched?


Do I try to coordinate with the little storage bag I have on my other desk?

Not sure if I have a full yard of it. We’ll see.


Or maybe these super cute bicycles that I luuuurve and don’t have a use for??

I just don’t know.


And then there’s this. Bleh.


NO idea.

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  • Mom

    I love the bicycles!! What are you going to make? Sounds like fun whatever you end up making!! Glad to see your getting back into it!! <3