Chore List

Let me tell you a secret…

I hate to clean.

Haha not so much of a secret. I am no Susie Homemaker. I’m more of the out of sight out of mind type of person. If I just LEAVE my house then it’s not really messy. Until we have no clean underwear.

Anywho, I’ve tried lists and schedules and charts and I can’t for the life of me stick with anything.

But I am getting better! I found this on Pinterest.

And I made it my own.

11Jan13 002

And I LOVE it. I love that it is broken down into AM and PM chores. Makes the load feel like less.

I put it inside of a clear page protector and taped it to the fridge. Then I stole T’s black magnet dry erase marker so I could been it all together where I see it all the time.

Making beds is easy. I never used to make my bed. Whats the point?? But that’s where I fold laundry so I need it flat and put together. But really, how hard is it to pull the blankets back up when you get out of bed? Not hard. I make Timmy’s bed (throw the blanket back flat over it) and Layla makes her own (usually).

Dishes get unloaded in the morning and then I load the dishwasher throughout the day and start it before bed. Repeat.

Wiping bathrooms down was one I sucked at keeping up with. And then I threw a tub of Lysol wipes in each bathroom and suddenly it’s not that bad. And you know what?? When you wipe down a bathroom EVERY DAY…it doesn’t ever really get gross. And then cleaning bathrooms never gets to be that bad of a job.

Who knew?!

The one chore I REALLY suck at keeping up with is laundry. I was on top of it a few months ago. A load a day…like the bathrooms when you actually do it daily it never piles up and becomes a real chore. Until you stop. And winter comes to Korea and your laundry room isn’t heated and you have to wear shoes because the floors are SO FREAKIN COLD. I just avoid that room now. I sit here blogging thinking that I need to go move clothes…but its so warm right here.

Agggh. Oh well. I’ll catch up in the spring.

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  • Mom

    You’re like me “Out of sight out of mind” lol