I finally go out and ran today. And by ran I mean walked to the big road, ran for about 2 minutes down the hill, then walk/ran the rest of the way home. Mostly walking. And taking pictures.

Jessica left me a comment on my Seoul post about how Korea is nothing like she imagined. ME either. I don’t know what I imagined but this wasn’t it. Just like Hawaii wasn’t all tiki huts and beaches.

Anywho. Seoul is HUGE. We do not live in Seoul. We are in Anjung-ri. There’s the main drag, tons of apartments, and farms. Lots and lots of farms. Even where there isn’t actual farm land there will be a little plot with something growing. If there is dirt they will plant in it.

Not totally sure where Im going with this…but I finally got some pictures of the trees blooming while I walk/ran past farms.


I have been waiting 2.5 months for this


I need to carry my real camera next time I go out.


And some other shots from our walk…



Farms and apartments.


This is the Korea I know best. Not those crazy freaky big buildings that block out the sun.

If you follow me on Instagram (girlmeetscamera) you’ll see more of the main road since I load a pictures pretty much every morning while taking Layla to school.

Ok. Now I need to write a lil somethin for Friday’s guest post/giveaway #2 at Sweet Green Tangerine ­čÖé Dont forget to comment on my giveaway post HERE. Winner will be announced Friday.

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  • That farm land looks so peaceful. I’d definitely need places like that to visit to balance out the urban buildings.