Find It Friday – Food

Friday already!? Where did this week go?? Busy busy.

Anywho, this week’s FIF word was Food!


This boy eats a lot.

When I was loading my pictures I found some from Layla’s school Egg Drop Project. That will have to be another post. Totally forgot I took picture. Oops.

Anywho, Next week’s word is GLASS

Link up your Food picture beloooooow

This Week.

Im crazy busy! Between homework and planning a baby shower I am swamped. Add in normal daily stuff and there is just no time for blogging. I’m sneaking this in super fast just to let everyone know Im alive.

And leaving you with a video of my beasties.

PS- Dont forget to check out Sweet Green Tangerine for another chance to win some Korean goodies.

Find It Friday + Winner

So today is Find It Friday…but I was scrolling through blogs while the kids brushed teeth and I found this weeks Fill In The Blank Friday post from Lauren at The Little Things We Do and I want to play along this week…so here ya go!

1.  Today is a great day because,  the weather was PERFECT, we played with friends at the park, and had a fantastic teacher conference for Layla!

2.   Tomorrow I will   buy diapers if it’s the last thing I do.
3.  My favorite time of day is     the morning       because     I love the whole drink coffee and sit staring at the wall while I wake up. Bedtime is the best because I know I can wake up and drink coffee/stare at the wall again soon.
4. Sometimes you just have to    let the kids have fruit snacks at 5pm because you lost track of time and haven’t started dinner yet.
5. A song that I just can’t get enough of lately is   Undone by Weezer. Actually its the kids. Every time we get in the car Timmy all but has a meltdown until it comes on and he can sing with it.
6. My favorite accessory is  my camera ;)
7.  My favorite thing about this week was   Thursday’s Mongolian Night! All you can eat Mongolian bbq. Even if L cried about Pokemon cards and Timmy was running laps around the restaurant while a table of soldiers yelled “TIMMAAAY!” all South Park-esque.  


This week’s *Find It Friday* post. CELEBRATE!


I had a little trouble with this one. I took a lot of pictures that I had big plans for but they were all eh…

Pictures of decorations for Niki’s baby shower…eh

Pictures of kids playing outside to celebrate warm weather and half days from school…eh

Pictures of Layla having a birthday party for her American Girl doll….nah

Then I saw this one. And I love it. So while it’s not the most expected ‘Celebrate’ picture I was secretly celebrating inside while clicking away. After an afternoon of screaming, non-sharing, fighting, door slamming siblings they finally hit a reset button and started playing together. For a few minutes anyway…

20April12 013

Next week’s word is FOOD :D Michelle…I better see a post from you ;)


Ok. Now what yall actually what to know. Who won the giveaway?! We’ll let decide…


Comment #17 -

Danielle Garland says:
April 18, 2012 at 11:28 PM
I liked your facebook page and left a comment on there, too!

Congrats Danielle!!

For those of you that didn’t win but want another chance check out Sweet Green Tangerine for this and other giveaways all weekend :D

Editing to add the link up! OOPS! If anyone wants to share their celebrate picture NOW you can :D


I finally go out and ran today. And by ran I mean walked to the big road, ran for about 2 minutes down the hill, then walk/ran the rest of the way home. Mostly walking. And taking pictures.

Jessica left me a comment on my Seoul post about how Korea is nothing like she imagined. ME either. I don’t know what I imagined but this wasn’t it. Just like Hawaii wasn’t all tiki huts and beaches.

Anywho. Seoul is HUGE. We do not live in Seoul. We are in Anjung-ri. There’s the main drag, tons of apartments, and farms. Lots and lots of farms. Even where there isn’t actual farm land there will be a little plot with something growing. If there is dirt they will plant in it.

Not totally sure where Im going with this…but I finally got some pictures of the trees blooming while I walk/ran past farms.


I have been waiting 2.5 months for this


I need to carry my real camera next time I go out.


And some other shots from our walk…



Farms and apartments.


This is the Korea I know best. Not those crazy freaky big buildings that block out the sun.

If you follow me on Instagram (girlmeetscamera) you’ll see more of the main road since I load a pictures pretty much every morning while taking Layla to school.

Ok. Now I need to write a lil somethin for Friday’s guest post/giveaway #2 at Sweet Green Tangerine :) Dont forget to comment on my giveaway post HERE. Winner will be announced Friday.

Also, don’t forget to take a picture to link up with this weeks Find It Friday. The word is Celebrate!

Blog Birthaversary Giveaway!

I cant decide if I think today should be called a birthday or anniversary. Either way…Girl Meets Camera is 4 today!

Who knew I could stick with something this long!

To celebrate my little blog’s birthaversary and our new life in Korea I have a pile of goodies to give away :)

Giveaway starts today and ends on Friday when I will post a winner.

If you DON’T win and want a second chance I will have another package of the same stuff (colors/designs may vary) to give away on Friday as part of Jessica’s birthday give away weekend! So if you don’t win here head over to Sweet Green Tangerine on Friday for another chance :D

05April12 001

Here is the original load. I’ve added a few more things that aren’t pictured.

Cute little rice bowl! Timmy has a frog one. Great for snacks!

05April12 002

A little notebook and a planner…which after buying I realized is probably in Korean :| Oh well.

05April12 003

Stickers and a mirror

05April12 004

Chopsticks with a case and some Ding Dong Pig sporks (totally jealous of the sporks. Thinking I need some too now)

05April12 005

Coffee. I haven’t tried this brand but it looks tasty :)

05April12 006

And some egg molds like the ones I was showing off a few blog posts ago. SO much fun. I think I am more excited about them then the kids are…

05April12 007

If YOU want a chance to win a pile of Korean randoms there a few ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment here on this post. Any comment. Just let me know you’re alive and want to win :)

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Leave a *separate* comment for each entry so I can be sure to count each one.

PS- Friday’s Find It Friday word is CELEBRATE!

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