I Caved…

ok, not like I would actually SKIP Christmas…even though I wouldn’t mind there is NO way Layla would let me. I tried to get away with a small table top tree. Nope. Just because I’m moping around hoping that avoiding Christmas will mean that it just wont happen doesn’t mean the 6 year old is. She is WAY ready and excited for everything that comes along with the holiday. I’m still stuck on the fact that this is the first Christmas alone in our home. I guess I shouldn’t complain that we’ve only been apart 2 of our past 9 Army Christmases. Those times though Layla and I were always in AZ so I didn’t have to ‘do Christmas’ in our home without T here.

So Layla wouldn’t let me skip it. She needed the big tree and the decorations. Not sure she realizes that I only put about half of them up…but it works. She’s happy. And I am too…I love love love the lights. Still ready for it to be over though…

28Nov11 001

I’m hoping we can pack out and get our stuff shipped off to Korea RIGHT after Christmas. Which is going to suck a bit.

28Nov11 005

And on another note…today was L’s first day back at school after a week of Fall Break.

Timmy was not ok with it.

28Nov11 006

28Nov11 007

28Nov11 009

3pm couldn’t come fast enough.


For some seriously amazing Alabama/Florida friends family that made this year not suck so much…

My dad being able to get back to AZ…

Thomo being in Korea and not anywhere else for the year…

The Army approving our command sponsorship so we can be together again…

That both dogs passed the rabies blood titer tests…

And Korea for deciding to not care about the 90 day quarantine until NEXT year…

Gold’s Gym for being my own person little Cheers where everyone might not know my name but they all love and high-five my kid…

Nurse Pam at Lyster…

Mostly though I’m thankful that I get to be home with these smart, funny, loving, rotten little monsters every day…

23Nov11 006

23Nov11 007

23Nov11 008

23Nov11 009

23Nov11 011

23Nov11 012

Just One

No Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week. I just didn’t take many pictures.

I did get this one today though

20Nov11 001

That summed up our day pretty much. Just playing. The kids played so well together all morning and after Timmy took a nap Elizabeth came over to play with Layla. It was just a good day.

A good start (I spose yesterday was the actual start) to Layla’s fall break. No school ALL week. I’m dancing! No lunches to pack, alarms to go off…even though Timmy and I are usually up earlier that the alarm anyway. No walking to school in the morning. Woo!

Also, Tuesday I finally took the reins and started to control my eating. I’m tired of working my tush off at the gym all week just to balance out the amount of junk I eat. Im a snackaholic. Especially after 8 when kids go to bed. BIG time. Now I’m planning meals, eating every 3 hours, high protein, low sugar, moderate carbs, and lots and lots of water. I suck at drinking water so this is the biggest for me. I’ve made it almost a week and while I’ve had some slip ups and have eaten some not so great things for the most part I’ve done really good and I like the new schedule.

So tomorrow is Monday and fall break or not, it’s cardio week and I’m dragging kids to the gym.

NROL for Women Stage 2 Recap

Today I finished Stage 2 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women. This stage was shorter than the first stage doing each workout (A&B) 4 times instead of the 6 times each we did in stage 1.

These exercises seemed to be similar to what we did in stage 1 just harder variations of them. Instead of a squat we did front squat push presses. Underhand pull downs instead of overhand/wide grip. Lunges were now lunging back from a step or a static lunge with your rear food elevated on a step. Deadlifts were now from a step making us go lower down. Same stuff but different and a few new ones too. Also stage 2 added cardio to the mix. Workout B days also had interval cardio after the weight training.


Here are my stats for the exercises that required weights:

Workout A:

Front squat push press: Start – 55lb, End – 65lb
StepUps 5 risers: Start – 20#dbs, End – 25#dbs
DB One Pt Row: Start – 20#dbs, End – 25#dbs
That is all I went up in weight on. For the rear foot elevated lunges I stayed with 20#dbs and stayed with one 20#db to do the horizontal woodchop laying on a swiss ball since Golds doesnt have the middle pully, just high and low ones.

Workout B:

Wide grip Deadlift From Box: Start – 50lb, End – 60lb
Bulgarian Split Squat: Start – 10lb, End – 25lb
Underhand Pulldown: Start – 70lb, End – 100lb
Reverse Lunge From Box: Start – 10#dbs, End – 25#dbs
DB Prone Cuban Snatch: Start – 8#dbs, End – 10#dbs

There are a couple places where I’m sure I could have done more and some places where I know I started too light so my gains shouldn’t really be that much. Overall though I’m proud of my progress. Next week we have off from lifting and will start Stage 3 on the 28th. I’m scurred. Body Weight Matrix on top of our regular lifting schedule = Im going to die. Maybe. Or maybe Im stronger than I think.

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