Quick Stage 2 Intro

Today we were back in the gym to start Stage 2 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women. SO happy to be back in the gym! We ran outside last week during our ‘rest’ week from lifting. It was nice being outside again but totally threw off Timmy’s schedule. Anyway…I was nervous to try new things today. I like knowing and I like feeling comfy. The front squat push press scurred me but we did it and I like it.


Something that totally threw off all of my gym mojo this morning was realizing that if I’m holding two 20lb dumbbells it’s actually 40lbs. Yes? Am I right? Because holding them and lunging is using the whole body with those 40lbs. It’s not like Im doing bicep curls holding 20s which would be only actually using 20 on each arm. Am I right? It just hit me today. Which means all of my weights for lunges and step ups in stage 1 are off. Which makes me twitchy.

It also means we are twice as awesome as we thought we were, right? Stepping up with 40lbs instead of 20lbs? Someone please tell me that’s how it is because the light bulb went on today and now I’m hella confused.

So. Stage 2 workout A was a success. It sucked and my butt is sore already but yay! Workout B throws some interval cardio in the mix as well as some scary sounding exercises. Dumbbell prone cuban snatch…Bulgarian split squat. Eek!


PS- I also caved in and bought a Fit Book. It’s a tiny little book that you can track workouts, food, sleep, measurements, goals, etc for 12 weeks. Kassie used to rave about it and needed a new one so I went to Target with her and got my own. And it’s fun. I like it ­čÖé

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