Pumpkin Smoothie

First, what did I ever do without the internets?? I don’t remember. But then again, I was like 12. That’s crazy to me because Layla is 6 and she can find her way around her websites like nobody’s business. Anyway, not my point today…

I was skimming through Facebook like I always do and saw one page I’ve ‘liked’ had posted a pumpkin smoothie recipe. They had me at pumpkin. I added it to my favorites and decided I would make it some day.

Clean Eating Online – Pumpkin Smoothie

Today was the day. I was still riding my crock pot over night healthy oatmeal high from this morning so after the gym I went for it.

But of course I suck and can’t follow instructions so I did half milk half almond milk. The good Silk stuff too..not the sugar free stuff I got and used in the oatmeal. I also used agave nectar instead of honey because I had it and I like to save the honey for Layla’s lunches because she hearts PB&H sammies.

Picture taken after I decided the recipe was post worthy. Notice the open pumpkin can and empty spice bottle.

Cell phone pic because I’m lazy and dont want to load the real deal.

I did:

1/2 c milk
1/2 c almond milk
1/2 c pumpkin
1tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1ish tsp agave nectar
1 c ice


SO freakin good. I tried out a pumpkin protein shake recipe last fall and it was dis-gus-ting. I didn’t think I’d ever try it again but I’m glad I did. This was yummy and made me a little less jealous of not having a Jamba near by when the Hawaii Jamba sends me pumpkin smoothie emails.

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