We Found Happiness On The Clearance Rack

Today was supposed to be a fishing day with L’s Girl Scout troop but it ended up not happening. Since we now had this wide open Saturday we packed it up after breakfast and headed to Dothan. There were a couple things I wanted to look at but I wasn’t expecting to find a HUGE toy clearance at Target!

Everything was pretty picked through but we did find some good stuff. Layla got a new My Little Pony unicorn, I grabbed a bucket of mega blocks for Timmy without really looking at them…but they were $3 so why not. Then I saw Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus. The board game. OMG. Do you know about the Pigeon books? Or Piggy and Elephany?? We LOVE them. So funny. The game was marked down to $3 too so I couldn’t pass it up. Plus Layla is always saying we never play games. Well now we can! (Not that we didn’t already have 900 games at home to play.)

30July11 007

I was excited!

You have to go around collecting different coins and then make it to the bus depot first. But don’t let the Pigeon drive your bus!

30July11 009

There are even some familiar characters like the Puppy…

30July11 010

The Duck…

30July11 011

And of course the Pigeon. He got my bus. Even though I already won…

30July11 012

I opened Timmy’s blocks to keep him entertained while we play. Wow! Way cooler than I thought it would be. The lid is a hard hat. And he wore it forEVER.

30July11 015

The blocks went together to make a little workbench and there are even little tools so he can hammer nails in and a screw/screwdriver and wrench. TOO CUTE.

30July11 014

He sat there for the longest time playing with it all. He is loving those big fat leggos. He needs more SOON! Layla had them and loved them I don’t know why I didn’t think to get him some before today.

30July11 017


Have you seen that episode of Franklin where everyone is getting a nickname and they decide to call Bear “Snacks” because he likes to eat? Then Bear gets mad because he doesn’t want to be called Snacks…. Ok maybe not everyone watches Franklin…anyway.

Timmy should be called Snacks. The boy loves food.

Since he loves food so much, he loves his snack cup. I can load it up with anything and he just carries it around munching.

Sometimes stopping to share.

28July11 007

The dogs are usually the ones that benefit from his snacking but when Layla is around there is NO room for dogs.

He has to sit with her. I tried him in his chair, the seat next to Layla’s, the MIDDLE of the recliners on the cubby thing…he had to sit WITH her.

I’m glad she likes her brother.

28July11 011

Now to go stop him before he shares his snack with the fish. Something about fish eating goldfish just doesn’t sit right with me.


Sadie had the right idea. What better way is there to spend a rainy day?
 I was just a little jealous.
26July11 001
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