Week 7 –
Like I said yesterday…busy week filled with no picutres and Sunday snuck up on me. So here is just an at the end of my arm shot of me and my boy who really loves my water bottle.
25June11 003

Time Is Flyin’

Seriously, is it about to be Sunday again already? I feel like I’m super busy doing nothing. Really…not sure what all we have done this week but I’m tired and have nothing to show for it.
Layla swam at the neighbor’s one night, we went to a pool on post with some friends (SUPER perfect for Timmy), grocery shopped, scraped wallpaper, and went junkin with Kassie.
I took my camera everywhere but I didn’t take any pictures. It’s hard to dig it out when I’m busy keeping Timmy’s face out of the water or carrying him through antique stores stuffed with breakables.
I did bust the camera out today when we were just hanging out together.
Layla’s new slippers.
25June11 001
My stud muffin
25June11 002
He *loves* stealing my water bottle. Not fun when he’s super snotty. Gross.
25June11 004
When I’m on the floor Timmy is always on top of me, Revo is next to me, and Layla is standing there talking my ear off. Every time.
25June11 005
So I sent her out to check the mail in her slippers. Having her outside sent both boys to the window. I win.
25June11 006
The man in Timmy has to play with the buttons on EVERYTHING.
25June11 008
Layla is all into her American Girl doll again. She takes her everywhere ­čÖé
25June11 010


Week 6 –
Spending early morning time with Sadie and Layla before the boy wakes up.
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