Hippity Hop Scotch

I just LOVE having my family all together again. Our trio is complete and its the best feeling in the world. Today Daddy made Laylers a hopscotch in the driveway and she is in love with it. Even though she just kind of skips back and forth down it I still think its cute and took about four million pictures of her.

Here is a nice little storyboard of the hopping. For the photos I used Pioneer Woman’s BOOST action. She’s awesome, folks. Seriously. Look for her under my Stalked list and check out her photos. She has a whole set of awesomely FREE actions as well. LOVE her!


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  • Michelle H

    I like how it looks like she is flippin’ someone off in the second picture. :o)

  • Cristal

    This is so cute! Thanks for the action recommendations, too. ­čÖé