Spring and Things

Why do I feel like I’ve used that title before? But anyway, happy first day of spring! It couldn’t have come soon enough. Thankfully it’s been springy for a couple weeks now after a few days of super freezing weather. Spring does that here. It’s not so much a gradual change. It will be in the 20s-30s for a couple of days and then BAM. 70-80 highs and no lows under 50 ever again. I’ll take it. I got some things planted and no pictures. I’ll get on that. We also (finally) cleared all of the leaves out of the yard. Now that they’re done falling and starting to grow back again I suppose it’s time to clear out the yard. We also pressure washed the front porch and steps so no more furry green steps to photograph. Now it’s all just covered with green pine pollen.

Spring is also bringing out all the animals! I finally have birds coming to my feeder after sitting untouched for a couple weeks. Mostly just finches but there have been a couple cardinals and of course the squirrels and chipmunks. The front yard is filled with blue jays and a few blue birds too.

And this little beauty is out and about again! I can’t remember if I shared that here or not but I know if you follow me on Instagram (@girlmeetscamera) you already know this.

I feel like her legs and shell are so much brighter now than they were before she went into hibernation mode. Maybe it’s a spring thing.

Making up for her winter weight loss.

And now for the things: Timmy. Because while Layla’s at school he has to keep busy somehow.

Pokemon cards. Layla had about 10 million so she went through and pulled out a good chunk of them and wrapped them up for Timmy for Christmas since he only had a few. She also gave him her extra container to keep them in. Sometimes I thinks he really loves him.

And this. I heard him talking so I looked in to see what he was doing. Picnic with his animals. This boy…he melts my heart.

Also, Patio is here! That’s T’s mom. She came to visit us in Hawaii a million years ago and it’s nice to have her visit us here too. I haven’t seen her in about 6 years and she had never even met Timmy. The bad part of this visit is that she has me completely hooked on the Trivia Crack game. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. It’s educational, right??

Project 52. Week 10. Green.

I skipped week 9! Oops. We did the Tough Mudder run in Florida this past weekend and it was so much fun! I have a ton of pictures and as soon as I stop being lazy I’ll share them all here. Until then, here is week 10, Green.

Our furry green front steps. Maybe time to pressure wash them? I think so.

I’m sharing my mossy green steps over at Everyday Eyecandy and Lipgloss & Binky this week. Check out their blogs and the other photos that have been linked up!

Project 52. Week 8. From Where I Stand.

A couple days late on my Project 52 post. Suddenly February is over. Where did it even go? I couldn’t tell you. But, when I read the prompt for this week I knew exactly the photo(s) I wanted to share.

This week is “From Where I Stand”…or in this case, sit.

I love when Im sitting at my desk either trying to get actual work done or just browsing Facebook or watching Parenthood on Netflix, and Timmy comes in and sits at his table and does his own thing. Sometimes he colors, sometimes he plays on his iPod. Either way, he just wants to be near me and as long as he isn’t asking me to look at him every 2.5 seconds or asking a trillion questions I’m good with it. I love that boy.

Linking up again with Everyday Eyecandy and Lipgloss & Binky for the #OurProject52 photo challenge. Check out the other blogs linked up to their sites and come back next week to see what I have to share for “In my Cup”

Project 52. Week 7. Hearts/Love

Thursday! I admit I didn’t even THINK about it being Thursday today until I logged into BlogLovin’ and saw Everyday Eyecandy’s weekly Our Project 52 post. Thankfully I had been taking pictures and was ready for it.

The kids both had their Valentine’s parties at school last Friday. I was pretty proud of Timmy for writing his name on all 32 valentines that came in his pack. But then again he is 5. I keep forgetting he’s a kid and not a baby anymore.

Here’s this week’s Hearts photo.

Linking up again this week with Everyday Eyecandy and Lipgloss & Binky. Check out their blogs to see what they shared along with the others that have linked up with them.

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