7 Years.

I’ve had this little blog now for seven years. So much has happened in those 7 years and I’m thankful that I was able to document most of it here. It really is fun to go back and look at which is the main reason I keep it going (even though I don’t post often…)

Let’s take a look back to my very first post.

April 16, 2008:

For Jill.

Jill needs inspiration and I need yet another thing to remember to update regularly :) Im Megan. I live in Hawaii for the time being and am on my way to southern Alabama with my husband, Tom and our daughter, Layla. Or Laylers, Lola, Loola, Layla Loo, the list goes on. I like to call her Snot Face. Anyway…I have a camera and it has pretty much become a part of my body. So if you read this you get to see my random have no other place to post them pictures.

And my very first photo post:  Easter Flowers.  It all started with some morning glory seeds we planted. And guess what? I just planted some more. So here ya go, 7 years later, more ‘Easter flowers’.

And this one…I love it so much in black and white but I like the rainbow color of the bubbles too. So you get both.

Beach Day

Finally getting around to posting these beach pictures from a few weekends ago. Here they are! Destin, FL. It was cold all weekend so we didn’t get to really swim but that didn’t stop everyone from getting a sun burn. Except me who was wearing a long black skirt and black sweater. At the beach.

The Flying V! Quack quack quack. 

Tiny little clams. 

She dug out a hole to put them all in. And then the water came…

This picture…my #1 super duper photography pet peeve is slanty horizons. *Especially* at the beach where it’s SO obvious. But I love this picture and straightening it out would have cropped it and I didn’t want that. So I’ll just cringe and try to focus on L and not the background.  

Just realizing now that it looks like TF is peeing here. Really he’s just holding his shorts up so they don’t get wet. 

The day before this we went out to walk the beach a bit and there was a pod of dolphins swim jumping not too far out. Of course, no camera. I was really hoping they’d come back this day but all I got were boats. 

I really can’t believe I only took real photos one time in the 3 weeks. What!? Who am I kidding. I suck at using my camera lately (lately being since I got an iphone in 2012.) One day I really will do better. Maybe.

Pattio Came! And left.

And man! Im awful at multitasking my life. Seriously. T’s mom, Patricia aka Pattio, came to visit about 3 weeks ago. She just left yesterday and I feel like we did SO MUCH while she was here! And I really only picked up my camera for one day at the beach :( But it was good just being with family. So this is a quick what we’ve been doing update. Maybe not quick. We’ll see.

Timmy and I drove down to FL to pick her up from the airport. She had never met Timmy before! That just means it has been WAY too long since we’ve seen her. I think L was just about to turn 4 when I saw her last.

We hung around the house and did some Eprise things (like junkin at the Christian Mission) and she got us all hooked on Trivia Crack. One weekend we headed down to Destin for a little reunion with her siblings. SO much fun. It was the first time I met any of them (aside from one brother I met while we were in Hawaii so it’s been a million years) and I immediately loved them all. I felt so comfortable with them all like I’d knows them forever. And our kids were the only littles there so they got all the grandkid love from everyone. They ate it up.

It was a lot of fun just sitting around and listening to them all share stories of growing up and favorite memories of each parent and grandma.

And we got tshirts!

That’s also the weekend we hit the beach. Even though it was only like 65ish that day. We promised the kids a sand castle though so a castle the would get! I’ll share the real camera beach pics later. There’s a lot more of those.

Lets see…what else did we do? I feel like the time went by so quickly. T did get to pull out his grill one night and cook (smoke?) ribs for us. And he pulled out the fire pit. And yes I’m wearing gym clothes still.

Easter weekend we all piled into the car and headed down to Orlando. I was pretty excited just in the fact that I’d never been out of the panhandle before and really into FL at all. It’s pretty. I like it. We also had to stop for lunch at Steak and Shake. We were hangry and ended up with milkshakes to go after sitting down to eat. Totally didn’t need it but it was amazing.

We drove down there to see T’s sister and her family. They were there for a baseball tournament our nephew was playing in Saturday morning. We got to stay at the Disney All Star Sports resort but didnt make it to any of the parks this trip. We have to go back through because my Disney geek out was pretty bad just from this little taste.

And it’s blurry! :(

We did find a Mickey to take a picture with at the hotel though. I’ll take it.

Saturday = Starbucks, baseball, back to the hotel for a quick Beach Body workout…

After the workout we spent a couple hours in the pool, then out for showers and then it was on a bus and off to Downtown Disney. That’s pretty much just stores and restaurants…but really COOL ones! Like the largest Disney Store. Eep! Look who we found hanging from the ceiling.

After walking through there and the Lego store for a long time we ended up at the T Rex Cafe for dinner. That place was REALLY cool but also really loud. I can’t imagine working there. If you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about. And the meteor showers every 20 minutes. Just a good way to track how long it’s taking to get your food, haha. In the dark. But it was still tons of fun.

There’s also a Build a Bear…er, Dino, there in the gift shop of the restaurant. It was Timmy’s first time making one and he was pretty excited about it.

And my Orlando souvenirs.

Sunday was brunch and goodbyes. We drove back home to AL and had one more day before heading back down to Panama City to take her to the airport to send her home to Oregon. What a short 3 weeks!

And of course, Timmy and I stopped for gas and snacks on the way home. This is a ‘clean’ lunch, right?

And that’s it. Back home, time to get us all back to normal and I’m just so lazy. I’ll be back with beach pictures (finally) soon!




Blue Birds

T’s mom is in town! I may have mentioned that. This weekend we spent in Destin, FL for a little reunion with her siblings (6 of them!) and a few of their spouses. It was so much fun to get to meet all of them and listen to their stories from growing up. It was a good time and I took zero pictures. Until today of course after everyone left and we took the kids to the beach for a bit before heading home. Then I took over 120 pictures. But anyway, what I’m here to say is there are a ton of pictures from the beach and until I feel like going through and weeding out ones I want to share I’m going to post some back yard bluebird stalking photos.

Here ya go.

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