Yard Sale – Step 1

Before I say anything else I just want to put it out there that the Maxwell House instant iced coffee packs that are right next to the Starbucks Iced VIA packs but are less than half the price definitely taste like they are less than half the price. Yuck.

Now that that’s out of the way….

I have been majorly going through things around here. My original goal was to just get the boxes OUT of the house. The ones that haven’t been unpacked because I don’t know what to do with any of it. So, I still didn’t get them all out of the house but in the process of thinking about it I have come up with 3 boxes and 3 bags of stuff to go. I think I want to have a yard sale but I don’t really have anything big to get rid of and I know people dont usually stop for tables of little stuff. I need a yard sale buddy to team up with!

Boxes of stuff to go in the hall…

And some by the door…

We even got rid of the dishwasher!

Thomas unhooked it since our new one is coming sometime within the week and we don’t use it anyway… He rolled it out to the curb and it was gone by the afternoon.

Between purging sessions I would break at the computer to catch up on blogs and Pin all of the ‘how to have a great yard sale’ pins.

I’m very easily distracted

Today’s goal is the clean out under the hutch where I have 980 random teacups from L’s 6th birthday. I’ve realized that I am much more motivated to clear things out to have enough for a yard sale than I am to clear things out to carry down to the thrift store.

PS – It’s also Day 1 of Phase 2 of the Live Fit Trainer! We survived Phase 1 (the easy phase) so we’ll see how Phase 2 treats us. This week is already working against us between holidays and dentist appointments. I’ll update on Phase 1 soon!

If you give a boy a golf cart…

He’s going to play 5 rounds of golf in 3 days.

One thing we knew we would need to figure out when we got back to Bama was golf. T played a. lot. in Korea. At least once a week as long as there wasn’t snow or work to keep him away. Joining the Enterprise Country Club when we got here has been great. It’s SO close and since it’s just a monthly fee he can get out and play as much as he wants whenever he has the free time (which seems to be often). Something he noticed there though is that not many people walk the course and now after so many months playing it was time to stop bumming rides off of his new golf buddies and get his own cart.

Of course owning a golf cart means fun outside of golf…like taking the kids for rides around the block and letting them do donuts in the front yard.

I love Timmy’s position


Timmy’s turn…Layla looks worried…


I have lots of different things floating around in my head to post but I only have pictures of the stuff I bought while junkin this week. I hadn’t planned on sharing since they were just quick snaps with my phone. No actual thought or effort put into it (story of my life) but I have them. And they’re loaded. So that’s what you get.

First, lemme just say junkin without the boy is nice. Hooray for preschool!

I did buy him a shirt though and he’s wearing it today.

And Layla got some paints…which she prolly wont wear because she wont wear anything I buy her…

I got some super soft shirts for $1.

And this one that I paid full. price. for. I think it was $3.

I bought a cookbook too…so I can put it up on the shelf with all my others. I never actually use them. Maybe I’ll try harder…add it to my goal list.

And this basket. Im a sucker for baskets.

Now today, since T is golfing for the third time this week, I’m headed back to the TJ Maxx that just opened here in Enterprise. It’s so pretty…everything is so new and right where it belongs. It hasn’t been open long enough to turn ghetto. All the shoes are perfectly lined up on their correct shelf. Nothing it stuffed where it shouldn’t be stuffed in the home section. It’s glorious. But more on that later…

Preschool. Again.

Guess who finally started preschool here in Alabama?

This guy.

And he is over. the. moon. excited about it!

He’s been going to 2 days now and so far has traced circles, drawn his own, blown paint bubbles and learned about the color red and fall. And had Cheezits.

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