It’s October!

Where have we been? Here are some things that happened in September.

Kids woke me up singing and playing guitar

L practiced golf

TF and I sat and watched. And played games.

Picture day hair.

Golfing with T (riding while he golfs)

Donut Dates

Still trying to learn to like running.

After rain shower clouds

Sadie’s 12th anniversary with us.

DC loving anyone with a blanket on their lap

Dentist visit and seeing TF’s big teeth waiting to come in

First Day of School 2015

School started here on Thursday. We have a 5th grader and a Kindergartener! Both kids are finally in full day school. WOO! I’m a little slow but here’s the first day pics :)

Layla. Preschool – 4th Grade:

5th Grade:

Uh, she’s grown a little bit this past year… woah!

And Timmy…preschool and now kindergarten:

He’s grown a little bit too! Still a teeny bit shorter than L was in kindergarten.

Happy July!

Just like last year we hit the local country club for the 4th of July. It was pretty fantastic…and really really hot. I may have fried a bit. Oops…

Anyway, new book, sun, entertained kids….perfect. There were storms popping up all around us but our little area stayed sunny the whole time we were there.

Yes, that’s Timmy with no floaties running and jumping off of the diving board into the 9 ft deep end. No fear.

After a few hours at the pool we headed home to change and relax for a bit before heading back for dinner and fireworks.

What I didn’t do while we were home was grab my camera. I looked at it and thought about it but then walked out the door without it. Dang! Phones and fireworks just don’t work. I still tried though.


In other news, we went shopping in Dothan for the first time in a while And I told Timmy the next time we went to Target we’d look for the stuffed eyeball he wanted. ‘Next time’ just took a few months.

We also found this Chewie costume at a book store and Timmy was pretty freaked out by it.

I got some buttons for my vest…

And Hobby Lobby had the best print ever that I didn’t buy. In fact, I left the store having only spent $9! What?!

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