Trying Again – A Photo Dump

I mentioned before that my lens was acting screwy. I tried to fix it. Not sure if I succeeded or not but I feel better about these than I did the last ones. I’m pretty lucky to have such awesome models to practice on.   Oh, also, have you left me a comment? Are you getting my replies? Just realized that when I comment through the blog’s admin dashboard it’s not showing up through the Disqus comment system. Unless it is and I’m just missing it. Sometimes, I’m not so tech savvy.

Oh! And this. We checked the mail and I saw there was a big padded envelope. I had NO idea what I had ordered and forgot about. I feel like I do that often. Turns out, I didnt! It was the Eco Straws I won in a blog contest over at Life of a Traveling Navy Wife.

Back to Aplin Farms.

Yesterday, our last week day of Fall Break, we (all 4 of us!) drove out to Aplin Farms to meet Melissa and her girls for our first pumpkin patch adventure since coming back from Korea. We first all went together since 2008. And then in 2009 we went with the school. In 2010 we took Timmy with us for the first time. And then in 2011, before moving to Korea, we all went together again.

Click a year to see past trips:

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

So today was the day to all go back. Only this time it was super lame. Apparently not EVERYONE is on our same school schedule. We got there around 11am and found out we couldn’t do the tractor rides and pumpkin/sunflower picking until after 2pm because the morning was all reserved for school groups. Dang. Talk about a buzz kill. We did walk around and look at some things and we did end up buying a watermelon before we did ANYTHING because Timmy thought he needed to hold it…and he couldn’t. Spiked on the ground. Oops. Anywho, after pictures and animal petting we picked out a couple pumpkins and some local honey from the pre-picked bins up front. Meh. We (Timmy and I) are going back next week with his school so he will get the whole tractor ride experience but I’d rather do it with family than a bunch of preschool kids.

Aplin Farms

Oh well. The kids had fun today. At least until they realized we weren’t really doing anything there.

Aplin Farms

Timmy did enjoy eating the giant tomato though.

Aplin Farms

Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch

Aplin Farms

Aplin Farms

Aplin Farms

I was so excited to get L in a dress. I told her once a year (maybe twice) I need to get some kind of family photos and I didn’t want her looking like a ragamuffin. She agreed to let me pick out her clothes. I about melted.

And here’s the part where I want to cry. I only took one lens with me, my 18-200 “everything” lens. And something was wonky with it. It wouldnt, no matter what I tried, focus on ANYTHING I wanted it to. Only stuck on the furthest thing in the picture. Didn’t matter if I zoomed or changed my little focal dots in the camera…everything was blurry. So, there went the cute pictures of the kids. When we got home YouTube showed me how to clean and tighten the lens and it may have done the trick. Too bad I didnt notice it before we left and came home with blurry photos :(

Grr. BUT, my kids are still awesome and I’ll take blurry photos of them over none at all.

I love her big goofy teeth

Aplin Farms

Aplin Farms

And the real reason we actually went. To take a picture in front of our door.

Aplin Farms

And then there were the animals…

Aplin Farms

There you have it. Aplin Farms 2014. Maybe next year we will pan better and actually get to go out to pick our pumpkins.

Thrifty Thursday!

Oh man, it’s Fall Break and the days have completely gotten away from me. Last Saturday, our first day of Fall Break, I ditched the family and went out to Dothan with the derby girls to participate in our local Buddy Walk. Then after a quick costume change and face stuffing we took off to Montgomery to sub in a bout between the Montgomery team and the North Georgia Roller Girls. It was SO much fun. I love subbing. I dont have to jam and there’s no real pressure. Just go out and hit people. I feel like we worked really well with the team we helped too which is nice never having played with them before.

Anyway, Monday was junkin day, Tuesday we didn’t get out of our pjs all day, and Wednesday I had to get a wisdom tooth yanked. Not fun. So I spent the evening like this.

The pain pills they gave me knock me out. Once it kicked in T cut me off from watching any more of our Netflix shows because I kept nodding off. Dang.

Anyway, today I’m feeling a lot better than I thought I would be but am still skipping derby tonight (gasp!) Something about shoving a mouth guard in my mouth and super exerting myself just doesn’t sound like a good plan today.

SO, I did laundry. Which is good because there was some thrifted stuff in there I needed to share. But I couldn’t remember what all I bought Monday…and what was from past junkin trips. Which is bad. There’s too much. T also cut me off from junking until I take some of the stuff we don’t want OUT of the house. Or at least hang up/put away the previous weeks finds. I’m a hoarder. I’ll work on it. But for now I’ll just show you what I did find.

Layla got some golf shoes. They’re the same brand T has (I think) and I also think they fit her. Or at least aren’t too small. It’s a good thing. I was excited anyway…

I found this wooden mailbox thing and I probably definitely dont need it. But Melissa said I did and like I said, I’m a hoarder. So it came home with me. Maybe I’ll hang it outside the front door…even though we have a mailbox on the curb. I dunno. Maybe I can find some fun in the house use for it. Or out on the breezeway. Any suggestions for it? I do love it.

THIS I was pretty excited about. Even though it’s really only going to be good for moon viewing I think…and right now the moon isnt out any time before we go to bed so it’s just kind of fun to look at… Hopefully it will be worth the $20.

This is from a couple weeks ago. Or last week? I dont know. But it’s a globe! I’ve always wanted one.

And some clothes. I love the dress on the left. The 2 little shirts for Timmy are fun. Not sure on the sweater thing yet but it was $1…the top shirt looks little big but it’s just a Gap medium so maybe I’m bigger than I think and it will fit nicely. And the flannel…omg. Softest shirt ever. Totally a mans shirt but I dont think I care.

Since we’re already halfway through fall break and I hadnt dont anything I meant to do while kids were off I made myself take them for haircuts today. Look how shaggy Timmy is. Eek! I’ve already trimmed his bangs out of his eyes twice. It was time to just take them in. I’m just so lazy.


High Five for Friday

TGIF. It’s time for a High Five for Friday post…and after this week I think I need it. Nothing exceptionally awful has happened to me this week but a lot of stressy little things building up. Time to look back and find all the good things in the week.

1.)  Monday was a pretty bummed out derby night. Lots of changes, great people leaving, and our league feeling like it’s left in limbo. Lots for us to think about. The HIGH is that first, there was a beautiful sunset…and second, by the end of the night I think we (at least I did) snapped out of it and with some work will come back stronger than ever.

2.) And since I’m on my phone all day long anyway with my own nonsense…I volunteered to take over the Instagram account for the Alabama Women Bloggers. You should join in on our October photo challenge.

follow @alwomenbloggers on Instagram!


3.) Since yesterday’s post was all about iced coffee I skipped the Thrifty Thursday share…so I’m going to bunch it all in here. Definitely a high for the week.

boots and clothes and skates and junk.

Most comfy sweater shruggy thing EVER.

Ignore the “I’m eating” face and the workout of the day still stuck to the back of my phone.

4.) While I complain that I hate T working nights aaaallll the time sometimes it’s not bad. I haven’t really studied at all this month since he’s been home most nights. That kind of stresses me a bit since I feel like my days are filled with other things but at the same time it is really nice actually seeing him more than just while Im coming in and he’s leaving or vice versa. The other night we watched the crossfit competition on tv. Dude. Those chicks are buff…but not just creepy body builder pose with a fake tan buff…theyre STRONG. And I suddenly felt so much the opposite and that I NEED TO DO CROSSFIT RIGHT NOW. Then I remembered I don’t like it. I’ll have to get buff and strong on my own. But seriously. These chicks are awesome. But of course the high out of all that ramble is spending time with Thomo haha

lunges for days 


5.) Today’s workout. Kassie and I are changing things up and getting outside more. We keep saying we want to run again but we both hate it too much to actually commit. Then I found this from A little running, a lot of abs, perfect. The whole workout lasted about 35 minutes. Then we walked to cool down and stretched a bit before heading inside the college to post some derby ads. By the time I remembered to turn off my heart rate monitor it had been just about an hour. Not a bad calorie’s almost like an hour of derby practice.

My glasses had been long since sweat off my face.

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