If I Stay by Gayle Forman

I just finished If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I’m not going to write a super in depth review here but did want to jump and let y’all know about this book. I clicked a link through Facebook a few weeks ago about books turned 2014 movies. Since I love books turned movies I had to check it out and I found this one on the list. It definitely looked like something I’d want to see so I downloaded it first to my Kindle. Fast forward to a few days ago when I remembered I had bought it and decided to actually read…

If I Stay

If you’ve read A Fault in Our Stars I think you’d like this book too. A little romance, lots of sadness, and a quick read. The movie trailer is out and I am excited to see it.  Also, I really like Chloë Grace Moretz.

Freedom Fest and 4th of July

Thursday night instead of our regularly scheduled derby practice we all met up at Ft Rucker’s Freedom Fest. The goal was to walk around in our derby shirts and promote derby to whoever we could. And we did. There were a handful of interested people but I think we had a lot more fun just with ourselves.



A good friend took my kids with her and her girls to do the fun family stuff while I derby mingled. I took advantage of not having to deal with kids and got some gator on a stick and some lava hot roasted corn that I went and added hot cajun seasoning to so my whole face was melting. It was so good though.

And I definitely took the opportunity to send a photo of me and Gholdie to the Korea derby girls. It’s nice having her here too.

Then we found this. Nothing beats derby girls hitting each other with giant foam sticks.




When we were done I met back up with my kids so we could all watch the fireworks together. I originally didn’t want to. I wanted to skip and get out of there before the traffic was crazy. I decided to stick it out and you know what? I was happy. There’s something magical about watching kids watch fireworks. No traffic could make me regret staying.



Just kidding. The magic came to a screeching halt when I was stuck in the parking lot for the length of the Frozen soundtrack with angry white cars inching in to cut me off. The 20 minute drive took me an hour.


Good news – the late night had us sleeping in until 7:40am. That’s almost 8. TWO hours later than normal. Yes!

On the 4th we met friends downtown for ice cream at Milky Moos. Kids 12 and under got a free scoop if they could say the pledge. L rocked it but TF did not. He still got ice cream though. And so did I.



And look, the bug statue was looking festive as well. Had to document it.


In other news, we joined the Enterprise Country Club. Mostly so T can golf all the time so close to home…but since we’re members we took advantage of their 4th of July bbq, pool, and fire works.


I think I like it there.




The pool was nice. I didn’t swim but did read a new book while the kids swam. The view was nice too.


And after we were done in the pool and fed it was nice to just let kids run around and play in the grass with other kids (even if they were the only ones not in matching patriotic outfits and hair bows since I was a sucky mom and only packed swimsuits)






Looking at pictures now it looks like we were the only kids in the grass. Not the case. Im just good at missing everyone else I guess. Anywho, they made some friends to go watch the fireworks with so T and I sat in the grass and watched with the other parents.





Over all it seemed like the perfect weekend…and the best part is that it was Thursday and Friday! We still have the weekend! But more on that later. Crossing off some Not Bummer Summer activities!


What a week. I got strep throat on Sunday night and finally made it to the doctor on Wednesday…then Thursday and Friday have been 4th of July festivities. I also haven’t been to the gym all this week or an on skates derby practice. That means my whole schedule is out the window and it just feels like one long run on weekend.

It was nice to feel better and do things Thursday and Friday though and I have a billion pictures on my camera to show for it. Of course they’re still on my camera. Until I can weed through them I’m going to leave you with this post for today…




Turtle sniffers






And some toads. I moved the plastic water run off thing under the drain pipe where all the snails live so she could get a snack and I found these two. They were sitting on a pile of snails. Hoarders.



Guess what, y’all…our house is EMPTY. That means after the long weekend we will have KEYS to our home and can move back in. It has been a long 2.5 years and hard these last 5 months living a few streets away in this rental waiting for our renters to move out. I’m so ready. Alabama wont feel quite right until we are in our house again.


We stopped by today to meet with a guy from Window World to get an estimate on changing out the old, heavy wood, thin windows to some new vinyl energy efficient windows that actually OPEN! Pretty excited about that. Too bad one of the selling points on the house 6 years ago was the fact there were so many windows (22 including the garage) which just means SO MANY to replace. Ugh.

But it will be worth it, yes? I hope so.

Anywho, in my best Sponge Bob voice… Im ready! Im ready! Im ready!

The lantana I planted forever ago will be needing a trim…

Same goes for my roses and azaleas. They’re in there somewhere.

We will also be trimming back some of the trees. Our yard there is so woodsy full of nuts and leaves. I will miss this wide open grassy backyard a lot. And all the different lilies the owner (or one enthusiastic renter) has planted all over the place.

We still need to get this whole house full of stuff over to that house and set it all up but even so, it’s good to finally feel like we are home!


I should be doing something productive. Like finishing the side tables Ive been painting for a while now. Instead Im hiding away looking up fitnessy things and deciding to share random pictures with y’all.

Like this one. “Sleep In a Tent” is on our summer list. Does this count? I say yes.


Also, can I just say Flickr needs to stop changing itself. I can never figure out how to get my photos over here because it’s always new.

Lucille got a sink bath. All of the box turtle groups I’m in online say how much they love soaking. Well she pretty much hated it. I’ll let her soak in her dirty water outside from now on.


Also, while I was outside obsessing over her yesterday I saw this guy hanging out on my dying, nest filled, hydrangea.


He was pretty cool.


He kept sticking out his big pink neck flap thing but never when I had the camera ready.


Lizards are a lot like kids when you want to take their picture.


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