A new way to do Christmas

Late last night I wrote a post about how we are doing Christmas this year. I’m really glad I just hit save as draft instead of publish because I was just super grumpy and whiny about kids and that’s just not what I want out there for the world to read. This morning though I’m in a much better mood and am going to try this again. Less complain, more happy. I don’t want to be the angry mom.

See, we’re happy!

So, on that note, I’ve decided this year we are going to take the Want, Need, Wear, Read approach to gift giving. The kids have so many toys right now. SO many. Toys they probably don’t even realize they have any more. Whatever was the ‘it’ toy of the year they got in bulk. And nothing is where it needs to be. No more bins separating everything. It’s all one big hot toy mess.

On top of that, the kid’s just seem to WANT everything. And were expecting to get most of the the things they’ve circled in catalogs and added to their list.

And it’s kind of stressful. So this year we are taking Christmas down a notch and we will all get something we want, something we need, something to wear, and something to read.

And stockings and Santa. AND they have birthdays in early February.

I’m kind of excited. Less pressure to get all the things and more chances to focus on choosing one really cool thing for each category.

And less to wrap. Always a plus.

Phone Dump.

Hey everyone. Blogging is a struggle. Im trying to find a balance between my blog when I started and I loved just documenting things with the blogging community ‘rules’. Not really rules I guess…I dunno. I’m in a few Facebook groups and it’s all about promoting and earning money and posting what the readers what to see and that seriously stresses me out. Maybe I just need to ditch the groups and go back to what I do. Just sharing our life. Now, with that, I need to actually DO it. And do things. There’s not much to document when we just flat out don’t do anything. Or maybe we do and I just suck at remembering to remember it.

Either way, what we’ve been up to lately in a phone dump.

Layla finished her golf clinic. One more in the spring and then she will be allowed to join the city golf league in the fall.

The derby girls took over Fanaticon. Ok, maybe not took over, but we did share a table with one of our Bruisers who was already there selling on her own. Thanks for sharing with us Gracious :D

It’s getting colder now between the random 70* days. It made it down to 20ish last night. Lucille has dug under. Hopefully enough to not be affected by it…I know she knows what to do but I still get nervous. Goodnight Lucille. See ya when it’s warm again…this weekend maybe…

Speaking of cold. It meant realizing 98% of Timmy’s clothes are from last year. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to grow.

Since it’s colder now I’ve been leaving 20 minutes early to drive the block and a half to school so I can be in front of the car line to grab Layla after school. Give Timmy time to talk to Siri on my phone and I try to get in a few minutes of note taking.

And this is how I spend my nights.

And my days.

And thats all for now. I have crafts to make for this weekend’s Holiday Bazaar thing. Derby has a table. Hopefully we can get some more people to join. Or make some money. Both would be nice!

US Army Aviation Museum – Ft Rucker, AL

Last week T’s dad was in town visiting us. You’d think I’d have a lot more pictures of things we did but really it was the best most laid back visit. We really just hung out. Or they went golfing. Or we ate at Rodeo….normal every day life only shared with him. It was good. But one day we got a little crazy and decided to hit up the aviation museum on post. It really is cool there. The kids love it and there’s so much to look at. We hadn’t been there since T graduated flight school in…2010.

I tried to collage all the photos so it wasn’t too much of a loooong run on photo dump of a post. I managed to only repeat 1 picture (I think) too.

Here’s some more info on the museum -


Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm

Sunday- Museum is closed

Gift Shop hours- 9:00am to 3:30pm, M-F

The Museum is closed on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Admission is free, however, donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.



DSC_6401_Fotor_Collage2 DSC_6401_Fotor_Collage3 DSC_6401_Fotor_Collage4 DSC_6401_Fotor_Collage5 DSC_6478_Fotor_Collage6 DSC_6416_Fotor_Collage7 DSC_6403_Fotor_Collage8

And finally, the mat outside the front door. Layla made me take a picture of it so she could build it on Minecraft…


National Peanut Festival – 2014

One of my favorite things about coming back to Alabama after 2 years away is comparing all the things we do now to photos from a few years back. I’m sure I’d do the same thing even if we never would have left…but either way it’s fun to see how big kids are. Like Layla. Look how itty bitty she was here in 2008 and again here in 2009 (I was knocked up and couldn’t ride anything. Boo)

And now here we are again 5 years later….really?? That seems like so long.


DSC_6259_Fotor DSC_6263_Fotor DSC_6264_Fotor DSC_6265_Fotor DSC_6266_Fotor DSC_6271_Fotor

First stop, baby swings. Timmy wanted to do ALL THE RIDES. This was a good start. But it wasn’t good enough for him.
DSC_6278_Fotor DSC_6280_Fotor

oh my gosh people. I dont like people.DSC_6281_Fotor

Then he saw something…so we waited in line. And ended up running to get him a wrist band when we realized how many tickets we were spending. DSC_6267_Fotor DSC_6283_Fotor DSC_6289_Fotor

THIS is more like it. Big swings. T went up with him while L and I stayed on the ground panicking. DSC_6298_Fotor DSC_6293_Fotor DSC_6299_Fotor DSC_6288_Fotor DSC_6309_Fotor DSC_6311_Fotor

This ride. Love it. Reminds me of middle school fairs and going on it over and over and over. Layla was a bit freaked (because she hates 99% of rides) but I talked her into it. Once we were off thats all she talked about. She cant wait to go on it again next time. DSC_6312_Fotor DSC_6316_Fotor DSC_6318_Fotor DSC_6319_Fotor DSC_6322_Fotor DSC_6327_Fotor DSC_6328_Fotor DSC_6329_Fotor DSC_6332_Fotor DSC_6344_Fotor DSC_6349_Fotor DSC_6350_Fotor DSC_6352_Fotor

It got cold fast. After almost running out of tickets we decided to stuff our faces. I didn’t get the fried oreos…but I did get a corn dog the size of my head. It was good. So covered in grease. Then we went on the big ferris wheel with our last tickets. DSC_6355_Fotor DSC_6357_Fotor DSC_6359_Fotor DSC_6361_Fotor DSC_6362_Fotor DSC_6371_Fotor DSC_6372_Fotor After a walk through of the building with all the photography and other displays we were out of there. Goodbye Peanut Festival! We’ll see you next year!

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