High Five for Friday!

Hey everyone! It’s time for another High Five for Friday. Linking up again with Lauren  to share some weekly faves. This week seriously flew by and I’m so glad it’s the weekend!

high five for friday


1.) Derby Days = Major calorie burn:   I love derby nights. On top of the regular gym workouts I get an extra two hours of serious workout. So much sweat its gross. I love it.

2.) Tuesday = Field Trips: Timmy’s preschool went on a field trip to the New Brockton Farm Complex (is that what its called?) this week. It’s my 3rd time doing this field trip since L went in preschool and again in Kindergarten. I remember there being about 200 less people in that building the other times I’ve been. SO many people. And can I just say moms with cameras are ruthless! They’ll cut out anyone to get a shot of their own kid. I got some pictures on my camera (where they are still sitting) that I will share next week.

3.) Wednesday = Study time: I feel like T has been home so much lately which is a good thing! We have blown through season 1 and 2 of House of Cards on Netflix and I just like having someone to make dinner for that actually eats my food. BUT…as much as I complain about night shifts it is the only time I really set aside to study. Kids are in bed and T’s gone so its just me and Les Mis in the background. I get a lot done at night.

4.) It’s ALIVE!: Dude. I was going to check the mail yesterday and about lost it and did a little happy dance on my way back when I looked over and saw these little leaves poking out of the ground. This is the hydrangea I stole from Melissa’s yard a million years ago when we first moved here. I got another one from her a few months ago (remember the bird nest in it??) but someone took the whole dang plant stand with my big pretty hydrangea (and bird nest!!) while we were on vacation in AZ. I was really happy to see this sucker is still around. Too happy probably.

5.)  Gel at home: First, my feet are creepy. Veins seriously creep me out so. so. much. Anyway, my derby wife in Korea had her own uv light/gel nail polish and did her nails at home. And mine. I’ve been saying forever I need to get my own stuff, especially once we moved away. I finally bit the bullet and ordered. So now I have pretty hands and toes and it will hopefully stay that way for a while.

*Not mentioned: My phone took a dump when I tried to update to iOS8. Complete crash with blinky blue screen of death. Verizon didn’t know what to do so they ordered a new one to get here…TUESDAY. No beuno. T touched it and (after googling a very simple solution) got it all working and updated again. Definite HIGH for the week! He’s pretty awesome.

There’s our week in a nutshell. This weekend we are off to Biloxi!

Thrifty Thursday!

It’s that time of week again! I am really excited for this week’s Thrifty Thursday post. Some of you who follow me on Instagram saw the little preview I posted on Monday after our shopping trip. Good stuff!

First, not pictured…. L got a melon colored polo shirt. She’s going to a golf clinic so I figured she’l need more collared shirts. Also, I got a stoneware casserole dish. Very exciting! The 57 pictures I took of it all look like poo so you don’t get to see it. Just know that it makes me happy and I spent $3 on it.

Ok… onto this. It was hanging with the fancy dresses and we saw it on our way to the checkout when we were done. I didn’t know what it was…that awkward length between dress and shirt…but the tag was pink. It was $1! I’ll take it. After getting it home and trying it on I think I could wear it with… leggings.  I’m so not a leggings person. But I think I might need to figure it out.

lace dress

Oh, the kids both got a new pair of Levis.

levi jeans

The buttons on L’s are like diamonds so I’m sure they will be too girly and she wont wear them. I wont bring it to her attention if you don’t…

And finally my favorite thing that I’ve found at the Enterprise Christian Mission:

Prada bag

Um, what? A Prada bag? I’ll take it. And it’s only $25?? Yes please.

Prada bag

Now, finding it at the mission makes me skeptical. I lived in Korea for 2 years and have been down in the secret back rooms of the purse shops where they keep the really nice fakes…this could very well be fake. BUT…it’s still a lot less than I paid for my fake Coach bag. And it smells amazing. AND it’s so so soft. And there are no suckers/fruit snacks/cookie crumbs mashed into the bottom of it.

Also, it fits my camera and has a long cross body strap option. Perfecto.

prada bag

I think it was a good purchase.

Im in love.

Q&A for a Stay at Home Mom

Today I’m stealing these questions from Jessica’s blog Pig & Dac.  

Are you a stay at home mom? Do you work outside the home or maybe you’re even a work at home mom? 



Are you a Stay at home mom or a Working Mom?

Stay at home mom. 

What made you come to that decision?

I’m not sure? Was it just assumed? I got a job at as a part time vet tech right after I found out I was pregnant. I don’t remember ever even considering staying on once L was born. I remember talking about me working when she was little but it seemed like anything I did would just be paying child care costs. It wasn’t worth it to me to work just to pay someone else to raise my kid.

Was your mom a stay at home mom or working mom?

She stayed at home. I remember being jealous of my friends with working parents that got to go home on their own after school. Not sure why, it just seemed cool. Having kids of my own now and being there after school for L definitely makes me realize how lucky I was. 

How old are your children?

9 and 4. Will be 10 and 5 in February! Oy vey. I don’t even know how that is possible. 

Are you part of any mom groups/play groups?

When L was little we had a TON of playgroup mom/kid friends. It was my main mission to get us out and socialize and I ended up making some of my best friends during that time. After Timmy came it seemed a little harder. We did the playgroup thing for a little bit but found it was easier to just find a couple friends with similar aged kids and just hang out with them. I’ve become much more antisocial since L was little.

Did you always know you wanted to be a SAHM?

Yeah, I guess so. I mean, it’s all I knew growing up so it’s just what I figured I would do too. 

How long do you plan to stay at home?

That’s the scary part…my kids are getting older. I’ve been a SAHM for so long now (9.5 years!) but next year I will have two kids in school. The idea of finding some kind of part time work is both scary and exciting. 

Did you go to school before becoming a stay at home mom?

High school haha. We married young and almost 2 years later had Layla. 

If you worked before having children, do you miss it?

 I do miss it sometimes. The closer I get to having my days free again the more I realize it. After being mom for so long I do miss getting dressed in real pants and seeing other grown ups. 

What was your job/career before you became a mom?

I definitely didn’t have a career before kids. I worked at a boarding kennel and then the vet clinic before kids and some photography after L was born.
Do you have a daily routine or just go with the flow day by day?

Our go with the flow has turned into a general routine. Outside of school there isn’t much though…Wake up, get kids ready and off to school (preschool), from then until lunch it’s gym, shower, random chores/blogging if I have time, then off to get Timmy. We have lunch and hang out until it’s time to get L. From there it’s more of the same. Hang out, dinner, showers, bed. Twice a week I go to roller derby practice at night. 

Do you keep up with the housework or is it shared with your husband/partner?

I mostly feel that since I’m staying home and taking on the ‘homemaker’ title that the house and kids are considered my job. Now, whether it all gets done is a different story ;) T does all the outside stuff though and he makes the bed every day. 

Do you do anything on the side to earn extra money? If so what?

I have made a whole $6 from the ads on my blog lol And I have the Etsy shop. Nothing super lucrative but it’s fun and something to do. I’m just too lazy to add more to it. 

What is one thing you love about being a SAHM mom?

I might complain about being with the kids all. the. time(at least before Timmy started preschool a few weeks ago…) but when it comes down to it I really do love being here with them to just see them grow. That sounds cheesy but it is what it is. Especially with T being military and missing out on large chunks of the kids lives I am thankful to be here to see it all. I might joke about wanting to trade jobs with him but I know I couldn’t leave them for so long.  

What is one thing you hate about being a SAHM mom?

I’m going on 10 years of butt wiping. I did get a bit of a break between kids but the whole little kid thing is getting old. Also, being a stay at home mom gets incredibly lonely. Especially during the years where its just hard to get out and do things with littles (terrible 2s-4s?) 



Mug Swap Update – Buddy Time!

Hey everyone! Did you sign up for this year’s GMC Mug Swap?

I sure hope you did because sign ups are now closed. And guess what else…everyone has a buddy!

GMC Mug swap


If you did sign up check your email! I’ve sent out all the info. You should get your buddy’s mailing address/email address and the list of questions answered with info about them. Use the answers if you want to find something personal for your swap buddy or just go out and find something pretty. Everyone likes pretty things!

If anything comes up and for some reason you can not send out your mug please let me know ASAP so I can make other arrangements. I want to make sure everyone gets their mug this year.

I would love it if y’all could get your mugs sent out by September 30. That gives you two weeks to shop and hit the post office…or go online and order a mug for your buddy.

Once you DO get your mug (which everyone will get one, yes??) please take a picture and blog about it or Instagram it or Tweet it or Facebook it…just please tag me (@girlmeetscamera) so I can see what everyone got! Also, use the hashtag #GMCmugswap14 to keep everyone in the loop and show off our stuff!

I’m really excited to see what y’all get!



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