First Day of School 2015

School started here on Thursday. We have a 5th grader and a Kindergartener! Both kids are finally in full day school. WOO! I’m a little slow but here’s the first day pics :)

Layla. Preschool – 4th Grade:

5th Grade:

Uh, she’s grown a little bit this past year… woah!

And Timmy…preschool and now kindergarten:

He’s grown a little bit too! Still a teeny bit shorter than L was in kindergarten.

Happy July!

Just like last year we hit the local country club for the 4th of July. It was pretty fantastic…and really really hot. I may have fried a bit. Oops…

Anyway, new book, sun, entertained kids….perfect. There were storms popping up all around us but our little area stayed sunny the whole time we were there.

Yes, that’s Timmy with no floaties running and jumping off of the diving board into the 9 ft deep end. No fear.

After a few hours at the pool we headed home to change and relax for a bit before heading back for dinner and fireworks.

What I didn’t do while we were home was grab my camera. I looked at it and thought about it but then walked out the door without it. Dang! Phones and fireworks just don’t work. I still tried though.


In other news, we went shopping in Dothan for the first time in a while And I told Timmy the next time we went to Target we’d look for the stuffed eyeball he wanted. ‘Next time’ just took a few months.

We also found this Chewie costume at a book store and Timmy was pretty freaked out by it.

I got some buttons for my vest…

And Hobby Lobby had the best print ever that I didn’t buy. In fact, I left the store having only spent $9! What?!

Drive, Chip, and Putt Challenge.

Layla has been pretty into golf for a while now. T bought her golf clubs for Christmas when she was almost 3 and they’ve played around with them now and then. Last year she did her first 8 week golf clinic through the city, and then did the same clinic again in the spring. They have to do it twice before being able to join the city youth golf league. T has also been working with her outside of these clinics (which are very newbie oriented) as well. He even took her for a private lesson last week with the guy he’s been taking lessons through! It was pretty cool to watch. All of it lead up to this past weekend. We drove to Prattville (without my camera.) to the Robert Trent Jones course up there (Capitol Hill) for the Drive, Chip, and Putt challenge. The day was PERFECT. It warmed up a bit after lunch but for the most part, it was just a beautiful day.

It was so fun watching Layla warm up and be there with all the other young golfers. She started off practicing driving and chipping.

After practicing that for a bit we ate lunch at the club house and then came back out to practice putting. Well, T practiced with her. I kept Timmy busy up on the club house deck. He played Angry Birds with a couple sticks while I watched L practice.

Eventually it was time for our age group to sign in and get ready to go. First was driving. Of course, she’s a Wade, so she was second to last in her age group. Each kid got to hit 3 balls and scores were giving based on longest drives. When she walked up she got to say where she is from. There were some Auburns, Birminghams, Destins…we told her to say Hawaii but she chose Enterprise instead. ¬†Oh well.

I was nervous for her but she wasn’t so I tried to chill out. I think this was the first time she’s had to tee up and make the shots without T there coaching her. All on her own = nervous mom.

She was great though.

Not all of the drives got her a lot of points but, still, I was SO proud!

Next was chipping. T and I both took zero pictures. I think we were both too nervous and focused on what she was doing and trying to read her thoughts on how she was setting up each shot. One rolled too far and went outside of the scoring zone, the next she hit way too light, and the last was almost JUST right but fell a tiny bit short.

Now, time for putting. She’s pretty good at putting and I had no idea! This time each of the 3 shots were from a different area around the hole. I loved watching her focus as she set up each shot.

After putting we went up for scoring. The upside to being almost last is that we only had to wait for one other girl to finish before all the ribbons were handed out. Out of 15 girls there in L’s age group she placed 6th. No ribbon and no moving on but woah! For her first time ever competing like this and going out without someone coaching her that’s pretty dang good. Afterward we rode our golf high across the street to Academy Sports and got some new golf gloves and shirts for L. Monday she has another lesson with the guy in Dothan and T’s going to take her to get fitted for new clubs that aren’t Craigslist hand me downs.

Now, we just have to hope she decides to stick with it!

Not Bummer Summer 2015

School has been out for 2 weeks now! I figured it’s time to share our Not Bummer Summer 2015 list with y’all. Here it is! Short and sweet but enough big and little things to keep us busy this summer.

Not Bummer Summer 2015

We’ve already been working hard on the list. Of course we’ve been swimming! And what pool day is complete without a watermelon?

Not Bummer Summer 2015

Not Bummer Summer 2015

And ‘Slush’ could be crossed off a few times now. Here is our latest ‘Slushy Selfie’. We love Sonic Happy Hour!

Not Bummer Summer 2015

Yesterday we added bowling to our list of completed summer activities. I signed us up at which gives the kids coupons for 2 free games every day all summer (Just weekdays I think) and I paid the $20 to get myself the pass as well so we all get 2 games a day.

Kids Bowl Free

Not Bummer Summer 2015

The kids beat me. It was my warm up game…

Not Bummer Summer 2015

Golf is on the list. Layla has been doing the Spring golf clinic through the city but due to weather and a holiday the 8 week clinic has been stretched out a lot longer. Outside of that though, T has been taking both kids to the golf course to teach them as well. They LOVE it.

Not Bummer Summer 2015

Not Bummer Summer 2015

We still have quite a few things to cross off our list. Time to start planning! We are hoping for a zoo trip next week. And you know, Chill for froyo…I’m good with that any time. I really love our Not Bummer Summer lists. Not sure how long Layla will want to keep making them but at least I still have Timmy to be little for a bit longer.

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