The kitchen…

So, it’s been a while. My time management skills are severely lacking and this little blog has been shoved to the back burner. Sorry again. I refuse to quit it though so long breaks are what you get.

Anyway, remember how we tore up the kitchen? Guess what. I’m getting a new floor! Finally! I don’t even care right now how long it takes the rest to get done (I say that now) so long as I have a floor that isn’t broken and old and awful. I might even let people into my house again.

Tearing up the last layer of floor and the board it was stuck to. All the way down to the thin scary subfloor.

Then we put in some cement hardie board.

T worked his behind off all day Saturday. And I mean ALL day. He’s pretty awesome. So this is what we are at this week. Friday night we will put down the self leveler stuff because the floor is SO uneven. Hopefully we bought enough of it. Saturday T’s busy all day which works since it has to set for 24 hours…which means the kids and I will prolly go shopping or something. There’s a S’more Frappuccino I need to try which means Target. Not arguing that. Anyway, then hopefully we will be tiling on Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day to me!


The kids go through phases. Mostly Layla. She will be so obsessed with Minecraft and then stop playing because her life is all about Pokemon….for a week. The last few days she has rediscovered her American Girl dolls. She spends lots of time dressing them and doing their hair. It makes me happy. Enjoying this little phase while it lasts.

7 Years.

I’ve had this little blog now for seven years. So much has happened in those 7 years and I’m thankful that I was able to document most of it here. It really is fun to go back and look at which is the main reason I keep it going (even though I don’t post often…)

Let’s take a look back to my very first post.

April 16, 2008:

For Jill.

Jill needs inspiration and I need yet another thing to remember to update regularly :) Im Megan. I live in Hawaii for the time being and am on my way to southern Alabama with my husband, Tom and our daughter, Layla. Or Laylers, Lola, Loola, Layla Loo, the list goes on. I like to call her Snot Face. Anyway…I have a camera and it has pretty much become a part of my body. So if you read this you get to see my random have no other place to post them pictures.

And my very first photo post:  Easter Flowers.  It all started with some morning glory seeds we planted. And guess what? I just planted some more. So here ya go, 7 years later, more ‘Easter flowers’.

And this one…I love it so much in black and white but I like the rainbow color of the bubbles too. So you get both.

Beach Day

Finally getting around to posting these beach pictures from a few weekends ago. Here they are! Destin, FL. It was cold all weekend so we didn’t get to really swim but that didn’t stop everyone from getting a sun burn. Except me who was wearing a long black skirt and black sweater. At the beach.

The Flying V! Quack quack quack. 

Tiny little clams. 

She dug out a hole to put them all in. And then the water came…

This picture…my #1 super duper photography pet peeve is slanty horizons. *Especially* at the beach where it’s SO obvious. But I love this picture and straightening it out would have cropped it and I didn’t want that. So I’ll just cringe and try to focus on L and not the background.  

Just realizing now that it looks like TF is peeing here. Really he’s just holding his shorts up so they don’t get wet. 

The day before this we went out to walk the beach a bit and there was a pod of dolphins swim jumping not too far out. Of course, no camera. I was really hoping they’d come back this day but all I got were boats. 

I really can’t believe I only took real photos one time in the 3 weeks. What!? Who am I kidding. I suck at using my camera lately (lately being since I got an iphone in 2012.) One day I really will do better. Maybe.

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