So many leaves

I knew it was coming…but maybe I didn’t remember just how MANY leaves are in the yard in the fall. That’s the downside to having so many big trees over our house…that and torpedo branches through the roof.

The kids love it though. L’s been waiting impatiently to get out there and rake a pile. Thankfully after our freezing weekend and some rain it really warmed up again. The weather the last few days has been amazing and makes me miss living in Hawaii where it’s like this all the time. I really don’t like winter so this can stay as long as it wants.

Cue massive leaf photo dump:

We’re back!

Finally! We all got together, in nice clothes (aka I changed out of my stretchy pants) and we took a family picture on our front steps. This was definitely something I was looking forward to doing again when we moved back here. Even though I’m always looking for my dream house that we wont actually move into for years…I do love our little house. It’s good to be back in it.

First, a front step photo recap…

2008 – Our first year in the house

2010 – 3rd year. Added a Timmy.

2014 – We’re back!

Fall Break…Are we done yet?

This week has been long. Too long. I love having the kids home but man Im ready for a break. A week of no school and only one derby day in there makes for a ready to be on her own again mamma. Little things like going to the store…or ANYWHERE. What did I do before kids were in school? I guess I never had them both home full time together except during the summer. Maybe because it’s Black Friday weekend and Im itching to Christmas shop but can’t go with them. Because it’s not like I have the rest of the month to do it. I think it was just my reason to get out and not be tethered to kids for a couple of hours. Soon…one more day.

Anywho, I feel like I’m rambling and can’t make a complete thought. I swear writing is the worst part of blogging. I feel like I just spew out all the things Im thinking at once and then post 50 random pictures to follow it up with.

Which is what I’m doing today.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get a good family shot of us to get cards made/hang on the wall maybe?

But now, random pictures so I can go start dinner. I don’t think I can get away with corn dogs and sandwiches much longer.

DC watching squirrels.


Light all the things!


The bags of clothes and toys Layla pulled out of her room to donate.


The amazing $1 shirt Melissa made me buy. Ho ho ho.


We finally put the stuff on the tree. Not just lights!


Handsome Thomo. This guy went out on his first hunting trip yesterday and got his first deer. Totally creeps me out.


This guy didn’t go hunting…but he did watch the first 5 minutes of the Hunger Games.


And duh. Christmas tree bokeh!


“Timmy, go by the tree so I can take a picture.”


Not what I meant but it’ll do.


Making smoothies for all of us.


Tree! Makes me happy.


Trying out different cameras and lenses. Random test picture on my card.


Next to the train museum downtown. Getting ready to take pics with some friends by the old buildings.




 I promise Layla exists. She has been hiding in her room playing with her My Little Ponies again. I never see her.

Tis The Season

Ok y’all. The tree is UP! But there is nothing on it. That’s a first. This year’s theme is lazy. I strung the lights but it was rainy and I didnt feel like dragging in the ornament boxes. Oh well, the lights are my favorite part anyway. I’ll just say I was waiting until after Thanksgiving to get the ornaments on. Or maybe we will do it in the morning. Who knows.

Anyway, I popped my memory card into the computer to see what I had to blog and this was pretty much it.


So, since that’s all I have in pictures I’ll just ramble for a few minutes until Thomo gets home…with bullet points.

  • Last night L had two friends stay over since it’s Thanksgiving break. They have a week off now and had a week off in October for fall break…and will have a couple weeks next month for Christmas. I feel like they’re never in school.
  • Anyway. Kids are loud. BUT, they all (all 4 of them) got along amazingly. There wasn’t any drama that I knew about and Timmy was included and kept happy as well. Win win win.
  • ALSO, T’s dad’s girlfriend sent us an Xbox 360. Whaaat! I sent T out for a Kinect (which are much cheaper from Game Stop than Walmart if you need one…) and Just Dance 4. Omg y’all. It’s so much fun. If you follow on Instagram or are my Facebook friend you already know I’m loving it. So, thank you Cindy!
  • Oh! I also took the CPR/AED certification class yesterday. Once I get my card I’ll be good to go to take my personal training certification test. Once I finish going through the book that is. I kinda am horrible at self studying.
  • Ok, now backing up to my last post about the whole Christmas present thing. I’m already feeling like I can’t stick with it. Black Friday is pressuring me to buy all the things and I really want to listen. Tis the season to stalk the Amazon Lightning Deals.
  • Next week is the Christmas Parade downtown. Our derby team has a spot in it which I’m totally excited about. Somehow we voted on the theme Elf on a Shelf (or Skater on the Shelf, I dunno) so now I need to come up with an awesome elf costume. Good thing Melissa talked me into an amazing $1 shirt at the mission last week. I’ll share that when I get the rest of my elf outfit together.

Ok, that’s all for tonight. T’s home early and I’m exhausted. It’s 11:30pm and way past my bedtime. Time to set the coffee pot to be ready for some Macy’s parade watching tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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