Kitchen Redo – Before.

Hey y’all. Guess what. We have finally started remodeling our kitchen. We’ve talked about it since we first moved in almost 7 years ago. All the things we’ve wanted to do but didn’t think we could do or just never got around to. Lots of dreaming and plans that we never actually moved forward with. Well, except the new oven. Remember this old mini oven/microwave combo?

That thing couldn’t go fast enough. Thankfully the broiler didn’t work so we were able to have it replaced through our home warranty. We also had to replace our dishwasher when we got back from Korea. It only worked on some of the settings some of the time. Also thankful that the fridge was newish when we got the house and is still running fine.

So, moving on! I’ve been wanting to replace the shiny brass hardware but there is so much of it and that adds up fast. And then suddenly a couple weeks ago we decided maybe we should ‘fix up’ the kitchen. Why not? It can only add value to the house in the end, right? Hopefully haha. That turned into hours of watching Fixer Upper and other HGTV home shows. And then we started making plans. We can move the oven, get new counters, and new cabinets while we’re at it. How about we take out that weird little wall where the old 70s fridge used to be once upon a time. And lights. New lights. I hate the lights we have now.

And then, it HAPPENED. Doors came down, trim came off, and suddenly we were full blown tearing apart the kitchen. And by we I mean Thomas. I took pictures.

But lets back up a bit. Here is our kitchen before the tear down -

That’s what we’re starting with. Not horrible but not what we want in a perfect kitchen. Stay tuned for the next installment of The Great Kitchen Redo. I’ll be back with the tear the kitchen apart photos!


Project 52. Week 3. Guilty Pleasure.

Hey! My site was down for a few days and I was a bit freaked out. First, I’ve had this thing almost 7 years and the thought of losing everything made me sick to my stomach. And second, figures something would happen to keep me from sticking to yet another photo project. Thankfully, after many chats with Go Daddy techs, it’s up and running! Just in time to share my photo from this week’s Project 52 link up. This week’s theme is Guilty Pleasure.

Here it is. Girl Meets World. I have my tv set to record them every week….’for Layla’. Because it’s a Disney kid show. But dude. GIRL MEETS WORLD. Did you watch Boy Meets World? I did. And Shawn is back! And they’re all grown ups. And Topanga’s a mom. And I love it so much.

 Project 52

Linking up again with Everyday Eyecandy for the #OurProject52 photo challenge. Check it out and join along! It’s never too late to start. Next week’s theme is Blue.

Overnight Fridge Oats

Cross posting this over here from the new GirlMeetsFitness blog since I’ve been talking about it here too. Wanted to share the greatest that is overnight fridge oats. It’s the lazy mom’s dream breakfast.


So, we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you eat a decent breakfast every day? Even weekdays when you’re trying to get kids dressed and fed and out the door to school because suddenly it’s time to leave even though you haven’t finished your coffee?

I don’t. Not even close. Usually my son’s leftover poptart crust along with the coffee is my breakfast. So healthy, right? Not so much.


And then I found fridge oats. SO easy you guys! I get everything ready and make 3 or 4 at a time (more if I’m not the only one that’s going to eat them) so they are just in the fridge and ready to go in the mornings.

It’s so easy. At night set up a little fridge oats assembly line. Dump everything you need into containers, stir, and pop in the fridge. Pull one out in the morning and eat! I’m sure you could probably heat it up if you want but I eat them cold.

fridge oats

You will need:

  • Containers. I use mason jars but you could easily use little plastic tubs as well.
  • Old Fashioned Oats. Don’t be afraid of store brands. SO much cheaper!
  • Some kind of milk. I use the Almond Coconut because it’s delicious.
  • Greek yogurt. I get the honey or honey vanilla flavor. Again, because it’s delicious.
  • Frozen berries, cherries, fruit. You’ll want to chop it if it’s not already small.
  • Optional: Chia seeds, PB2 peanut butter powder, cinnamon, honey if you get plain yogurt…

Now, line up your containers and just go down the line adding your ingredients.

~First up, 1/3 cup oats and 1/3 cup milk:

fridge oats

~Next, add in 1/2 cup Greek yogurt and 1/2 cup fruit. I used blueberries. Cherries are good too. 

fridge oats

~Now add in your extras. I put in 1tbs Chia seeds into each jar. 

fridge oats

~Using a butter knife or long spoon (this part is easier with a wider plastic tub) stir it all up!

fridge oats

And voila! You’re done. Put lids on the containers and stick them in the fridge. Now you have a yummy breakfast waiting for you in the morning! I know I definitely don’t have the time or desire to make a breakfast with all that in it for myself every morning. It’s so handy to have it all mixed and waiting.

There are about a million ways you can do this too. I made pumpkin spice oats once. In place of fruit put 1/4 can pumpkin puree and a few shakes pumpkin pie spice. Maybe a drizzle of honey (or maple syrup if you’re gettin crazy!) to sweeten it. You could do apple cinnamon as well! Peal some apples, dice them up and add cinnamon. VERY good! Make sure you don’t leave the skin on though. It makes it pretty hard to chew. Trust me. I’m sure you could search Pinterest for other ideas. It’s pretty easy to experiment with different combos. Just keep the oats/milk/yogurt base and fancy it up with whatever you think sounds good!


Project 52. Week 2. Morning.

Two weekly posts in 3 days? Now I’m caught up! The link up for Project 52 goes up on Thursdays so that is when I’ll try to get my weekly photo up. Click HERE to check out the other Week 2 photos.

This week’s theme is ‘Morning’. I took a lot of pictures and scrolled through them all to find one that made me happy. I really thought it would have been something coffee related but it’s not! Since we’ve started only going to the gym 3 days a week now vs trying to go 5, I really am loving my scheduled ‘off’ days. I do still have derby practice tonight but still…it’s nice to take kids to school and come home to relax a bit and get things done here. Either blog stuff, Etsy orders, studying, chores…whatever. No rush to get in the workout and everything else before I have to pick up Timmy from preschool. Today, I really like my quiet time. Adding things to my planner, prepping to make stickers, eating my fridge oats, all with the sound of the rain outside. And dogs snoring/licking/scratching inside.

So, yes. This is MY morning. Some quiet-ish time.

Project 52 morning

Good morning!


Linking up again with Everyday Eyecandy and Lipgloss & Binky for the #OurProject52 challenge.

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